49 in a day!!

We are honored to have received 49 visitors  at the mill from the Great Balls of Yarn store — Robin from Great  Balls of Yarn organized this amazing trip. They visited the mill, took “some” wool and even dyed their own skeins.

It was an incredible experience. Thanks for being here! Well-known knitter Nicky Epstein was among our visitors;  as you can see, she visited our “swimming wool”. We had a wonderful time dyeing and sharing with you all!

More pictures at the Malabrigo  Yarns Facebook page!

8 thoughts on “49 in a day!!

  1. Elena H.

    We wish we were there with you having so much fun! << Your colleagues from the Great Balls of Yarn!, Elena, Judy, and Olga

  2. Lily Ryan

    Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and the fantastic experience. The day was unforgettable and I enjoyed it so much. Muchas muchas gracias!

  3. Anne Sloop

    Dear friends at Malabrigo,
    What an incredible experience! Thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality. I will cherish the yarn that I dyed with your guidance. Now I can explain to our customers at Great Balls of Yarn why your products are so beautiful and incredible – like no others!!
    Muchas Gracias a todos!

  4. Stephanie Wolmer

    Thanks for a very special experience! Everyone was so warm, friendly and helpful. i will treasure my yarn and my pants!

  5. Robin Turner

    Hola Amigos!! We can’t thank you enough for having us to your studio. Loved loved loved meeting your beautiful family and appreciated your warm hospitality. Carla, your empanadas were the best, thank you!! Our South American Knitting Adventurists will remember our visit for the rest of their lives. I wound of my red skein last night and will always treasure the day I spent with you. xo !

  6. adriana

    I wish I was there! Luckily a friend, Lily, was able to go and told me the wonderful time she had at Malabrigo. !!Espero que la próxima vez puedo ir yo!!

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