Adding Sparkle – Beaded Shawls

I am not a big lace knitter, personally — the counting stitches, crossing off rows on a chart, trying to make a yarn over while simultaneously knitting four together through the back loop, all while standing on your head. But if there’s anything more beautiful in knitting than seeing a gorgeous, delicate lace shawl, painstakingly detailed with tiny crystal beads, I don’t know if it. I find myself most reminded of these confections at the time of year when nature mimics them — adorning spider webs in dew, coating leaves and the skeletons of trees in beads of ice in the early mornings.

There are so many similarities between knitted, beaded lace and the delicacy of nature that can be mimicked in our own lovely yarns — Malabrigo Lace in nearly any color can create an airy imitation of nature for you to wear about your shoulders. Check out the patterns below for the perfect project to curl up beside the fire (with plenty of light, of course) and immerse yourself in some detailed knitting.

Beaded Lace

Pavonia by Susanna IC; South Seas Stole by Laura Patterson;

Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf by Sivia Harding; Celaeno by Rosemary Hill

Chau, Hannah

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