Antonio and Tobias at Needlemarket!

NW Needle Market Logo

If you’re going to the 2010 Northwest Needle Market this year, keep an eye out for Antonio and Tobias! Needlemarket is the “World’s Premiere Wholesale-Only Market”, and happens yearly just outside of Seattle, Washington. If you live in the area or you’re a wholesaler stopping by (they say people come from over 200 different stores), don’t forget to check out the new colors we have in several of the bases, or take a good look at Rios, our new superwash worsted base!

There will be a fashion show and tons of opportunities to interact with vendors and other store owners. For details on location and attending, check out the website.

The guys would love to see you and say hello, and I personally can’t wait to hear all about what they’ve seen, and share some of it with you here on the blog.

Chau, Hannah

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