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Introducing Dos Tierras

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest yarn base, called Dos Tierras, a special blend of  Merino and Alpaca.

Dos Tierras
As you know, all the merino wool we use for our yarns come from Uruguayan sheep, but some of this wool is processed and manufactured in Peru, while another part is still processed and manufactured in our homeland, Uruguay. We created Dos Tierras, which means Two Lands, as homage to these two beautiful countries. By spinning together 50% of our fine Uruguayan Merino wool with 50% baby alpaca from Peru, we have created a DK weight yarn that is as versatile as it is beautiful. The 4-ply structure of the yarn gives a great stitch definition to show off texture, and gives a wonderful drape to your finished garments.

You can find this base in 22 of our kettle-dyed semi-solid and variegated colors, with which you can create the perfect palette to help show off the finished object of your favorite craft.

dos tierras collage

We have prepared a collection using this yarn, working with 5 designer who came up with these lovely designs. You can find the collection on ravelry here or by clicking on the images. Each pattern is sold individually.

Dos Tierras Collection

Designs using Dos Tierras

We hope you like our new base much as we do, and we can’t wait to see all the marvelous things you create with it!

Fashion show at Vogue Knitting Live, Minneapolis

Last Saturday, November 5th malabrigo took over the Vogue Knitting Live runway in Minneapolis. We had the opportunity to show you designs from some of our books, specially our most recent one, malabrigo Book 10 – Rios, and also designs by Steven Be and Scott Rohr. For anyone who couldn’t enjoy the fashion show live with us, we made a little video, showing some highlights.

We also presented garments from our upcoming malabrigo Book 11 – Aniversario. This book will be based on designs featuring our new colourway Aniversario, created to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

To read more about the patterns presented at the Fashion Show, please click on the following image, which is for the brochure we gave away at the door.

List of patterns and description

The fashion show was a success and we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into it, too 🙂

MFPP: Daily Inspirations by Hanna Maciejewska

There is a new MFPP we haven’t talked about yet!
Daily Inspirations

We can all use some inspiration, some words to gives us a little push when we need it, or to help us  reach our goals, and achieve inner balance, making us better humans.

It is these daily inspirations that make up this lovely collection by designer Hanna Maciejewska. Life doesn’t only need words to inspire, but also texture, and interest, and this collection brings those as well.

feel-hugged Be open minded Be Confident Make it yours

Be confident, a double twisted cowl

In the words of the designer:

Do you feel intimidated sometimes and think: “That’s too hard for me, I couldn’t possibly be able to achieve that”?

Well, “Be Confident” because many things are a lot easier when you actually try them as they had seemed on first glance.

The stitch pattern in this generously proportioned cowl, which I immediately fell in love with when I found it online, looks like a complicated shell stitch, but is actually quite easy to make. Just try it!

To make this cowl you will need 3 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn Rios, in the colour of your choice. This sample is knit using Plomo (#43).

Be Confident by Hanna Maciejewska

Be Confident by Hanna Maciejewska

Be Open Minded, an asymmetrical cardigan

In the words of the designer:

Step outside the box and make a statement with this modern and chic asymmetrical cardigan.

It features a subtle but beautiful eyelet stitch pattern on one of the fronts (also repeated on one sleeve), interesting ribbing details on the second front, and gentle waist and hip shaping.

Worked top-down in raglan construction – of course seamless, as always, this soft cardigan can be worn over jeans or a dress, making it perfect for any season.

This cardigan comes is designed for sizes XS (S, M, [M1, L, L1], XL, 2X, 3X), and to knit it you will need 4 (4, 4, [5, 5, 5], 5, 6, 6) of Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo in the colour of your choice. The sample is knit using English Rose (#57)

Be Open Minded by Hanna Maciejewska

Be Open Minded by Hanna Maciejewska

Feel Hugged, a triangular shawl

In the words of the designer:

Simple garter stitch alternates with a textured pattern in this triangular shawl knit on the bias from the tip to the widest side.

Looks best in solid colors or not too wild hand dyed yarns.

To knit this shawl you will need 6 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn Finito, in the colour of your choice. The sample is knit using Glitter (#48)

Feel Hugged by Hanna Maciejewska

Feel Hugged by Hanna Maciejewska

Make it Yours, a slim-fitting pullover

In the words of the designer:

“Make it Yours” is a slim-fitting pullover with a center cable panel on a double moss stitch ground. The cable stitch pattern, worked from a chart or written instructions, is full of unexpected twists and turns and culminates in a flattering neckline just to show your best features.

The sweater is knitted almost seamlessly from the bottom up with flattering waist shaping and set-in sleeves started from short row sleeve caps, with and a series of decreases for neckline and armholes.

This versatile pullover that can complement almost everything from jeans to festive skirt is going to be one of your favorites!

This pullover comes in the following sizes:XS (S, M, [M1, L, L1], XL, 2X, 3X) and to knit it you will need  5 (6, 6, [7, 7, 7], 8, 9, 9) of Malabrigo Yarn Finito in the colour of your choice. The sample is knit using Plomo (#43)

Make it yours by Hanna Maciejewska

Make it yours by Hanna Maciejewska

You can find the collection on ravelry through this link.

Link to Hanna Maciejewska’s website

You can also browse all our past MFPPs here.


What on earth is “MFPP”?

MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! You can see past MFPP collections here or at the Ravelry link above!

MFPP: One Stitch, Two Stitch: A Mini Stitch Dictionary for Mini Stitches

There is a new MFPP out, called One Stitch, Two Stitch: A Mini Stitch Dictionary for Mini Stitches by Barbara Benson.

One Stitch, Two Stitch

Barbara Benson explains the brilliant concept behind this collection:

What can you do with two stitches? That is the question that prompted this exploration into simple knitting. First peruse the fourteen different stitch patterns in the stitch dictionary. Then select which one of the four easy and fun accessories you would like to make first. Decide which of the stitches you would like to use in the pattern and you are on your way.

This collection contains four patterns, but you can really create 14 different versions of each! How about that? It’s time to get creative!

The first pattern in the collection is called Ring the Gack, and it’s a lovely cowlette using Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Ivy.

Ring the Gack

Ring the Gack by Barbara Benson

Next comes On Mulberry Street,  using our lovely 100% Mulberry silk base Mora, in the colourway Sabiduría

On Mulberry Street by Barbara Benson

On Mulberry Street by Barbara Benson

If you’re more into hats, you can knit No Pat No, using Malabrigo Yarn Twist. The sample is knit using the colourway Sunset.

No Pat No, by Barbara Benson

No Pat No, by Barbara Benson

And if you’d rather knit a scarf in thicker yarn, there is also an option for you: Sala-ma-Sond is a scarf knit using Malabrigo Yarn Mecha, in the colour Teal Feather for the sample.

Sala-ma-Sond by Barbara Benson

Sala-ma-Sond by Barbara Benson

You can also buy each pattern individually, with the detailed instructions as shown for each, not the 14 different stitch patterns.

Barbara made a video, introducing this collection herself, which we are very excited to share and we hope you like it, too.

You can find the collection on ravelry through this link

Link to Barbara Bensons website:

You can also browse all our past MFPPs here.


What on earth is “MFPP”?

MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! You can see past MFPP collections here or at the Ravelry link above!


Dolores se trama

El 15 de Abril del 2016 un tornado de inusual potencia para nuestras latitudes azotó la ciudad de Dolores, pasando por el centro de la ciudad, destruyendo todo a su paso. En esa oportunidad, como en muchas otras, vemos aflorar la solidaridad del pueblo uruguayo. Enseguida hubo personas organizándose para enviar ropa, artículos de limpieza, alimentos, y otros elementos necesidad para los damnificados. La recuperación de una ciudad, luego de un evento de esta magnitud, lleva su tiempo, por lo cual la ciudad de Dolores sigue necesitando toda la ayuda que pueda recibir.

On April 15th, 2015, a tornado of unusual strength for this part of the world, hit the city of Dolores, Soriano (located at the northwest part of Uruguay), passing through the middle of the city, destroying everything in its path. As in many other times where tragedy strikes, we see the solidarity of the uruguayan people flourish. Very quickly groups of volunteers formed gathering and sending cleaning supplies, food, clothes, construction materials, and other needed articles for the people who were left with nothing. It takes a long time for a city to recover from something of this magnitud, which is why the city of Dolores still needs all the help they can get.

Cuando se escucha de este tipo de eventos, uno ve la magnitud del daño físico causado, pero quizá no llega a vislumbrar el estado emocional en el que quedan las personas que tuvieron que vivirlo. Tener que empezar de nuevo, muchos de ellos sin nada, perder tus recuerdos mas queridos y en el caso de los niños, sus juguetes, sus posesiones mas preciadas. Lo que mas pueden necesitar es además sentirse acompañados, por lo cual se generaron muchas instancias de talleres y actividades, personas que iban a Dolores a dejar su granito de arena.

When an event like this tornado occurs you can see the physical damage it creates, but it’s harder to see the emotional state of the people that had to live through it. Having to start over again, many of them having been left with nothing, having lost their most precious possessions, specially the children having lost their toys. Since it’s also important for these people to know that they are not alone, different activities and workshops emerged with people even travelling to Dolores to help with what each person could.

Llegando a Dolores

Llegando a Dolores

Es en esta modalidad que un grupo de personas decidió organizar una actividad a desarrollarse en Dolores mismo, que consistía en tejer juguetes o algún accesorio para los niños de Dolores, aprovechando que al día siguiente, el 21 de agosto del 2016, se celebra el día del niño aquí en Uruguay.

In this spirit a group of people decided to organize an activity in Dolores on August 20th, which would consist of making toys and accessories for the children , taking into consideration that the next day is “El día del niño” (the child’s day) here in Uruguay.

La actividad se desarrolló en la hermosa Biblioteca Iris de López Crespo, y la consigna era “Una actividad abierta y participativa, para todo público, en la que se puede mirar, aprender o enseñar a tejer. ”

The activity took place in the beautiful library “Biblioteca Iris de López Crespo” and the motto was: “An open and participative activity, open for all public, in which you can look, learn and teach to knit and crochet”.

Foto por Paulina Gross

Foto por Paulina Gross

¡Fue un éxito! Desde Montevideo fueron personas en sus vehículos particulares, así como en una camioneta cuyo tiempo fue donado con el fin de facilitar a mas personas el poder participar del evento.

¡It was a success! People travelled from Montevideo in their cars and in a van that was so generously donated so that more people could travel and join the event.

Malabrigo donó la lana utilizada para tejer, La Pasionaria Universo Creativo y una generosa donante de Mercedes contribuyeron con agujas de tejer para las personas que no tenían..

Malabrigo donated the yarn used to knit and crochet and La Pasionaria Universo Creativo and a very generous person from Mercedes donated the knitting needles available for people who didn’t have their own.



Artistas de Montevideo mandaron su granito de arena en forma de bellezas realizadas por sus manos para colaborar con la propuesta.

Many artists from Montevideo sent their collaboration, in the form of true artistic beauties  created with their own hands.


Se sumaron mas de 80 personas de Dolores y alrededores y de Montevideo. Se mezclaban tejedores y tejedoras profesionales, con personas que no sabían tejer y salieron de allí con una prenda o juguete terminado, prometiendo volver a agarrar las agujas en cuanto llegaran a sus casas.

Over 80 people from Dolores and surroundings and from Montevideo were present, creating a mix of of professional knitters, people who knit as a hobby and many people wanting to learn, who had the satisfaction of ending the day with a finished toy or accessory to donate. Many new knitters and crocheters were made that day!

Raquel cuenta un poco de que trata la actividad y quien participó en la organización.

Raquel cuenta un poco de que trata la actividad y quien participó en la organización.

Una abuela vino con sus dos nietas, a las cuales estaba enseñando a tejer. Ambas nietas hicieron su aporte en forma de una vincha y un hermoso cuellito que lució con mucho orgullo antes de entregarlo para que abrigue a otro niño que lo necesita.

This beautiful lady arrived with her two grandchildren, who were both learning to knit. They both finished a head band and a cowl, which one of them modeled with great pride before adding it to the rest of the donations, for it to warm another child.



Tejiendo Tejiendo Tejiendo
resultadosA las 17 horas se salió a entregar los resultados de tan hermosa labor, directamente a los niños que los iban a recibir.

At 17 hours the results of a day of glorious knitting and sharing were delivered directly to the children that were the intended recipients.

entregaEl evento fue organizado por Raquel Lejtreger, Malabrigo, y la Intendencia de Soriano y contó con el apoyo de San Lorenzo Dolores Club, La Pasionaria Universo Creativo, Passaparola Films, Secretaría de Deportes (Dolores) y muchísima gente de Mercedes y Dolores que colaboró con ideas y ganas de participar.

The event was organized by Raquel Lejtreger, Malabrigo, and the Intendencia de Soriano with the support of San Lorenzo Dolores Club, La Pasionaria Universo Creativo, Passaparola Films, Secretaría de Deportes (Dolores) and a lot of people from Mercedes and Dolores who collaborated with ideas and eagerness to participate and help.

Dolores se trama en los medios previo a la actividad:

Lambing time at La Serena

You might remember from an earlier post, when we introduced you to the Malabrigo flock, who lives at La Serena.

Malabrigo Flock at La Serena

Malabrigo Flock at La Serena

Spring is coming and we wanted to talk to you a little bit about lambing season. 

Malabrigo Flock at La Serena

Malabrigo Flock at La Serena

During August and September, many of the sheep in our flock give birth to cute little lambs, and we want to share this beautiful experience with you. We hope you like it!


Line producer: malabrigo

Photography: Marcos Mezzottoni

Edited by: Marcos Mezzottoni

Texts: malabrigo

Music: Manuel Espasandin

Cameras: Joaquín González, Pancho Pastori y Marcos Mezzottoni

Malabrigo Mini Collection from Welts & Waves by Adrienne Larsen

As the name of the book indicates, Welts and Waves by Adrienne Larsen, is an all about experimenting and playing with Welts, a technique that can achieve very interesting results.

The pattern that most caught my attention is this gorgeous blanket. Sunburst is a very appropriate name, don’t you think?

Sunburst blanket

Sunburst Blanket, using Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Azul Profundo, Teal Feather, Glazed Carrot, Sunset and Ravelry Red

Adrienne takes you on a journey, where you can start out with something really simple, like a Marianas headband, to try out the technique, and then maybe move on to felted slippers, to see how welts behave when being felted.

Marianas Headband

Marianas Headband by Adrienne Larsen

harlequin boots

Harlequin Boots by Adrienne Larsen, using Malabrigo Yarn Worsted in Azul Bolita and Lettuce

The Mini Collection includes 6 designs using Malabrigo Yarn. It has a little of everything, for you to experiment and have fun with welts. (click on the images to go to the design page on Ravelry)


Marauder by Adrienne Larsen, using Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Sand Bank

Sail Away

Sail Away by Adrienne Larsen, using Malabrigo Yarn Finito in Mares and Marte

Mission Style

MIssion Style Cardigan, by Adrienne Larsen, using Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Pearl Ten and Ravelry Red

You can look at the whole collection and read more about it in Ravelry!


Nuage Blanc de l’Uruguay (White cloud from Uruguay)

Have your heard about Nuit Blanche? It’s an artistic movement that originated in Paris in the year 2002. Museums, galleries and some private collections open and are free of charge, and the center of the city provides places for art installations, such as music performances, art displays etc.

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

Through the years this celebration has expanded to other cities worldwide, arriving in the year 2011 to Uruguay, more specifically to a small town called La Floresta, a lovely beach town. This year, La Noche Blanca de La Floresta was invited to to be a part of Nuit Blanche in Paris, as the first Latin American country to be participating at this event.  Wool was chosen as the material to be used, since it represents Uruguay very well, being one of the countries with the best wool in the world.

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

The group Urban Knitting Uruguay and UdelaR (University of the Republic, more specifically the areas of Architecture, Industrial Design and Visual Communications) were invited to participate and together they elaborated various projects from which this one was chosen.

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

The idea was to build a big white cloud, made of wool, that would mix itself with the beautiful metallic structure of the historic Louis Blanc Metro station, built by Hector Guimard, and declared historic monument.

Noche Blanca
From the cloud they hang braids to simulate rain. In the spirit of making this exhibit interactive with the public, pens and cards also hung from the cloud, so that you could write down your feelings and comments about the weather, which is the central subject on which Nuit Blanche focused on this year.

Noche Blanca

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

Picture taken from

As you can imagine a lot of wool went into this project. 100 kilos of wool, some in the form of yarn, some as top, were used in this project. Malabrigo had the honor and pleasure to participate donating some of the wool used.

Noche Blanca

The exhibit was a success, as you can see from the pictures. Such a lovely display and people really enjoyed participating writing small notes to share with others. Overall a wonderful experience for all!

Noche BlancaNoche Blanca Noche Blanca Noche Blanca

Here is a video that shows the process of creating this wonderful piece of art

Are you in Paris? Did you see it? Please share any pictures you might have with us on our Facebook page!

Malabrigo on the cover of Knitscene, Fall 2015

The new Knitscene Fall 2015 magazine is out, featuring Caen Cowl by Deborah Helmke, designed using Malabrigo Yarn Chunky on the cover!

Caen Cowl by Deborah Helmke, cover in Knitscene Fall 2015

This cowl is perfect if you’re new to brioche stitch and would like to adventure into a new stitch pattern.

In the words of the designer:

This long, looped cowl is the perfect brioche project for beginners. Worked from end to end in the most basic of brioche stitches, this squishy cowl is seamed and has fringe added for a chic, cozy accessory.

Caen Cowl by Deborah Helmke, cover in Knitscene Fall 2015

To knit this pattern, you will need 5 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn Chunky in the colourway of your choice. The colourway featured is Holly Hock (#148).

You can see more of the designs included in this magazine in Ravelry.

Happy knitting!


Malabrigo Quickie: Ocean Stained Glass by Janet Johnson

Today’s Quickie reminds me of the beautiful, sand-tumbled shards of glass you can often find at the beach- and is a great small project to take with you on your next trip! Introducing Ocean Stained Glass by Janet Johnson!

Ocean Stained Glass in Merino Worsted, in Azul Profundo and Nostalgia

Ocean Stained Glass in Merino Worsted, in Azul Profundo and Nostalgia

Janet says:

This cowl gives you the opportunity to try something new with Malabrigo’s beautifully dyed Merino Worsted Yarn. We’re all drawn to the amazing hues in Malabrigo’s variegated yarn, but sometimes it’s tricky to figure out how to make those colors shine. This pattern breaks up any color pooling that might occur, while highlighting those varying shades by pairing them with a semi-solid color.
What a great use for variegated yarns! You can find Ocean Stained Glass on Ravelry here, or check out our past Quickies here!


What are Malabrigo Quickies?

Quickies are small, fast projects which require only one or two skeins of yarn. Approximately every two weeks we’re teaming up with a talented independent designer to present an exciting new accessory (or other “small object”) pattern, showcasing one of our many yarns and colorways.