Bonus Quickie! Subway Mittens by Moira Engel

Surprise! We know you guys are probably waist-deep into gift knitting season, so we thought you could use an extra Quickie right about now. And isn’t this one fabulous?


Moira says:

These are a mild mannered mitten with a secret pocket! They can bravely guard your money or bus-pass or chapstick! Knit with a graceful plait, they also boast a bit of style!



These would be so wonderful in cities where you just have to tap your public transit card to get on the bus/subway/etc (like London’s Oyster card.) No more fumbling to get the card out and exposing your chilly fingers! And I love warm tones like Rhodesian for winter wear- kinda takes the edge off the chill šŸ™‚

You can check out and purchaseĀ Subway MittensĀ on RavelryĀ or browse all theĀ Quickies here!



What are Malabrigo Quickies?

Quickies are small, fast projects which require only one or two skeins of yarn. Approximately every two weeks weā€™re teaming up with a talented independent designer to present an exciting new accessory (or other ā€œsmall objectā€) pattern, showcasing one of our many yarns and colorways.


One thought on “Bonus Quickie! Subway Mittens by Moira Engel

  1. MaryAnn

    I love the idea of quick projects and have family members that could use these mittens as they live in areas where they use public transportation and have a card they need to show. Thank you. I will see if I can find the pattern. I sometimes have difficulty using the computer. MaryAnn

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