21 thoughts on “Book 3 – Online Preview

  1. Willie

    Really champing at the bit to make that neck warmer in Rasta. I think Webs has the book already and I know for a fact that Yarnmarket carries many colors of Rasta now (December 2010)

  2. Brenda

    can hardly wait to find it…..that little purse iin there is just tooo adorable and all the other things too are to dye for!!!! When can I have it!!!!

  3. Willie

    Hey, Brenda, i got the book from WEBS on 12/31 – only cost 17. Finding ANY colors of rasta is difficult, however. yes that purse IS rather dear.

    Antonio – were the patterns translated to Spanish and then back to English? Some of the patterns have really “interesting” wording and you will probably be hearing more about that as more people try to knit from the pattern book #3. There are some technical problems with the knitting instructions.

  4. Wendy

    Love the cowl made from Rasta. How many skeins does it take, I have the pattern book on backorder, and the Rasta colors are getting hard to purchase.


  5. Sue

    I can’t wait to make the cowl…glad that it only take one skein….should be fun! Do you have a date the book will be available yet?

  6. Willie

    FOR THE COWL: you will need more than one skein of Rasta. Be sure to do the tension square and add stitches to make it 10 inches deep. 19 stitches is only 8 inches when I did it. Also, I ran out of Rasta just as I am casting off after the buttonhole row. Incidentally, the buttonholes will be much too big if you do three yarnovers. Rasta is now (1/12) impossible to find. I am on a waiting list at Webs as well as Yarnmarket to get just one more skein.

    Yes, Malabrigo Rasta may be the most sumptuous, elegant wool I have ever knitted with, but if we can’t get any, how with the rest of us ever have this experience?

  7. Breean Elyse

    Willie –

    I have knitted multiples of the Rasta Neckwarmer and consistently end up with a bit of leftover yarn. Also, the 10″ measurement is taken after blocking. This yarn relaxes quite a bit.

  8. Vivian

    I used one skein for the Rasta, and it’s beautiful. The neckwarmer is for a friend who picked out the yarn. I am a new knitter–don’t know how to do the buttonholes! I am finished except for that. Can anyone help direct me to a video or directions because the pattern is not clear? Do I add them after full bind off? I have just enough yarn and can’t get anymore.

  9. Vivian

    Thank you for the quick response. I’m going to try it now. The pictures really help me see what it looks like. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  10. Vivian

    Thank you, thank you. It turned out great, and I used four buttons. The only thing I would do differently is not use a cable cast on; it was too tight. I think it will be fine if I stretch that cast on edge a bit with blocking. My friend will love it. I really like this wool.

  11. Kathleen Gaglio

    I HAVE THE YARN (got in NY at Vogue Knitting), BUT I NEED THE PATTERN for the Rasta Cowl! No book #3 to be found! I wonder if anyone could forward me a copy! Thanks! The button hole bindoff info will be helpful – I’m sure!

  12. paletpc

    Malabrigo Book 3 is out of stock at every location linked to it from Ravelry – except the UK. With the shipping and exchange rate, it is prohibitive to purchase it from that seller. If you see a copy in your local yarn store please post it here. There are several projects I would like to knit from this edition. Thank you so much.

  13. Barbara

    Yes – my book has been back ordered from Yarn.com since early January – please help get it back in stock!

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