Book 6 Pattern Feature: Trigo and Cañada

Moving along with our individual pattern features for Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio! Today we have Trigo and Cañada (Spanish for “glen” or “ravine” – not the country! Though merino scarves are certainly useful there.)

Trigo y Cañada baja trigo y cañada1 baja

Trigo is another gorgeous pattern by Malia Mather. “Trigo” is Spanish for “wheat” and you can see how it got its name! It’s knit in Arroyo, in Glitter (one of my absolute favorite colorways) and Sand Bank.


Cañada is by the inimitable Stephen West, and in usual West-ian fashion there is a lot going on and it’s all fabulous. The cowl is actually a mobius, textured and eyeletted in the center with reversible braid-cables on either edge. It’s knit in Finito in Mostaza (another favorite of mine!) It’s fully reversible- always a huge plus when you’re wearing a mobius strip!


That’s it for now- more patterns to come! Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio is now available in yarn stores in the US and (soon) elsewhere!

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