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See it Knit – Col China

Col China has an interesting colorway namesake. It happened when Antonio wanted to combine the beautiful green often seen in cabbages with the rich red of Chinese pagodas. Since the colorway ‘Pagoda’ already existed, he decided to name the colorway ‘Col China’ for the cabbages, but keep the rich Chinese reds. And rich it is – Col China looks beautiful knit up (or crocheted) as well as in the hank. Just look at some of the beautiful projects below (as if you needed convincing!)

My So-Called Scarf by Allison Isaacs, knit by SeaweaverKeyhole Scarf designed & crocheted by Jenn WolfeFlip Top Mitts by Cate Fitt, knit by RipRap; Leg Cozies by Lisa Daehlin, knit by Yarnophilic

— Hannah & Veronica


We’ve been interviewed! Marcela Zappi visited the mill and interviewed Antonio.
“Nestled away in a warehouse 20 minutes outside downtown Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay,
I had the pleasure of visiting, this past April, the Malabrigo yarn manufacturing plant. The
creative design force is Mr. Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao. During my visit Antonio was very
gracious, granting me a couple of hours out of his busy schedule to chat and show me the plant
The plant is rather large. My tour began with a visit to the storeroom where bales of spun wool
yarn are kept on arrival from the spinning mills. There I had the opportunity of feeling the
natural, soft strands of Merino. Eventually, this will form several types of Malabrigo yarns…..”

To read all the review from Marcela Zappi go here!

See It Knit – Stonechat

For a lot of knitters, Stonechat is one of the colors they pick up first. In the skein, it is all deep reds and tawny browns, and knit up these colors distribute themselves in interesting ways. The reds pop out from the dark and light brown background like cherries against chocolate. Named after the Stonechat, an industrious little bird in the thrush family, this yarn is anything but a small statement. See for yourself in the many beautiful knitted projects below. Stonechat is available in the Worsted, Lace, Chunky, Twist, Sock, and Silky bases.

Windows 2010 Cowl by Rosi Garmendia, knit by Turtlegirl76Herbivore by Stephen West, knit by ElsaLemonUlmus by Kristen Kapur, knit by Elvis Needs BoatsCharleston Fingerless Slouch Gloves by Kim Rutledge, crocheted by ChrochettyMama;

— Hannah & Veronica

Malabrigo Resources

Did you know that the Malabrigo Junkies isn’t just a social group on Ravelry, but also a great resource for anyone who wants to knit in our yarns? If you are a member of, you can check out (and maybe join) the Malabrigo Junkies and view their pages — a full list of resources is available!

The Junkies have pages on the following topics:

– Colorway lists for many of the yarn bases, including colors that have been discontinued!

Frequently Asked Questions for everything from alternating skeins, dye lots (the lack thereof), and how to care for your finished Malabrigo garments

Information about us as a company, including information about the sheep!

– Knitting suggestions for variegated colorways, as well as many pattern suggestions for single skein projects in some of the bases, and 5-skein patterns for other bases

– A list of patterns designed by the Malabrigo Junkies

All of these are open, free pages that don’t require membership to the Junkies for you to read! So if you have a Ravelry account, check them out!

— Hannah


There is a group of knitters here in Uruguay, who have been gathering together every month for 3 years. They particularly like to work as a group to do charity knitting, finding different organizations to knit for, specially organizations that work for children. For over two years they have been providing their time, love and craft, and we provided some of the yarn. These pictures show the last delivery of knitted items for some of the kids “Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez” work with. Overall they delivered this time 40 hats and 40 cowls. In these almost 3 years over 200 children have been warmer and cozier and about 70 bags of malabrigo  have been  knitted thanks to the generosity of these women.

Upcoming Events

Please be sure to stop by and see us at any of these upcoming events:

Attending: Tobias, Antonio, possibly Hannah

Come see us to explore the market and see a display piece in the fashion show! We’ll have yarns and samples from the books on-site, but nothing for sale, though other vendors at the show will be carrying Malabrigo Yarns.

Attending: Tobias, Antonio, Hannah

Stop by and talk to us about submissions, upcoming projects and to add yourself to our newly-developing designer database. Don’t forget your portfolio and business cards. Hannah will be on-site to discuss existing or potential projects with interested designers.

— Hannah

Trunk Show at The Needle Nook

This year, we were lucky enough to be able to hold a trunk show at The Needle Nook in Atlanta, Georgia! We have been friends with Arlene from The Needle Nook for a long time — we even named a silky colorway, ‘Arlene’s Purples’, after the owner. So not only was it a time to show off some of our samples and knits, but a great chance to spend time with some friends. Above, you can see Tobias next to the sign advertising this exciting event!

So many knitters came to look through — and model — our wares! We loved seeing what people thought of colors they hadn’t seen in person yet, handling the yarns in different variations. It’s a rare chance when you can see the same colorway worked up in fancy Lace shawls and thick Rasta cowls!

Of course, you can’t have a trunk show without Tobias modeling something for you — he really is so good at it! We keep telling him he should strut his stuff on the runway sometime!

— Hannah

New Submissions Email!

If you’re a designer who is interested in working with us at Malabrigo Yarns, or you are working on a project for a publication that you would like to use one of our yarns for, please feel free to contact us via our new Submissions email:

Each submission is handled personally by our Project Coordinator, and responded to as quickly as possible! If you are submitting as a designer requesting yarn support for a project, please include a detailed description of the project, sketches and swatches if possible, and an estimate of the yarns and colorways you would need, as well as the projected timeline and release date of your project.

Also, all designers are welcome to submit portfolios for the upcoming Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project 2012. This is a great opportunity to introduce your working style and design prowess to us — many of the designers from MFPP are considered for our future books.

Malabrigo Yarn on Twitter!

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Follow us by clicking the Twitter Bird above!

If you have a twitter account, come over and follow us! I will be posting to the account whenever there’s a new blog post, something cool found on Ravelry made of our yarns, or a Malabrigo event is coming up! We’d love to see what you’re making and hear what you’re doing, too! @MalabrigoBuzz is our Twitter name!

— Hannah

Malabrigo Worsted Won! did a Knitting Reader’s Choice awards for 2011 and announced us winner of the Best Wool Yarn category! We are so proud and pleased that Malabrigo Worsted was chosen! If you would like to read about the contest, the list of voting breakdowns and such, please check it out here! also has an amazing yarn review of Merino Worsted!

Thank you again for your support and love regarding our products — we love to make them almost as much as we love to see people happily crafting with them!

— Hannah