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Roundup – New Patterns in Malabrigo!

Lots of new patterns have showed up in the Ravelry pattern search lately – and so many of them seem so perfect for the fall knitting season! Maybe you’ll find something in the roundup below that makes it onto your ‘to-do’ list!

Meatloaf Mitts by Jenny Raymond; Knothole Moebius Cowl by Simone Draeger; Angelica Mittens by Tess Young; Little Pole by Joji Locatelli; Camping Shawl by Joyce Fassbender; The Smart Glove by The Rainey Sisters; Bottineau Pullover by Laura Chau; Catalpa Hat by Sarah Burghardt; Rippling Fans Cowl by Gladys We; Vercana by Susanna IC; Peeta by Britt Schmiesing; Eolian Harp Wrap by Beth Hahn

— Hannah

Malabrigo Buzz

Have any of you seen this awesome project by Hannah Haworth? She knit 50 life-size bees from Malabrigo. These bees were commissioned by the Union Gallery, for a show that will also feature some of Hannah’s bee prints. The exhibition, called ‘Plight of the Bumblebee’, will be shown at the Union Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, starting on September 8th and running through October 10th. You can read more about her project on her blog.

Security Blankets

Have any of you ever had a security blanket? Maybe as a kid you had a blanket you loved more than any other, and you carried it around everywhere with you? Or maybe you have a throw at your house that you always reach for when the weather gets chilly, because it’s just the right size for curling up with a cup of tea and your knitting? I know that no blanket could ever be a squishy and wonderful as a blanket made of Malabrigo, and I’m betting that most of the knitters below would agree! Check out these awesome Malabrigo blankets!

Mitered Crosses for Japan by Kay Gardiner, knit by perditafoster; Greenway by Donna Yacino, crocheted by Jacks1018; #41 Blanket by Sarah Ann Thompson, knit by Farlowia; Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB, crocheted by Pixiepurls; Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood, knit by Dena1975; Totally Autumn by Anne Hanson, knit by Juliebe; Girasole by Jared Flood, knit by CatKnitsToo; Reversible Afghan K3.3 by Val Love, knit by Steven A;

— Hannah

Gruesa & Aquarella Love

Sometimes, I feel like Aquarella and Gruesa get a little ignored. Since they’re made from a hardier wool than merino, they aren’t quite as Malabrigo-soft as some of our other wools, but they still have many redeeming qualities! I love the texture of each knit made with these thick and thin yarns, and each of the colorways knits up beautifully. Check out some lovely projects made from these yarns and get inspired to make your own.

Pixie Dust Lap Blanket by Purl Soho, knit by Citizen Queen in Gruesa “Lettuce”; Chinny Chinstrap Cap by Tricia Drake, knit by Melrows in Aquarella “Palmar”; Bitty Bump by Gina Bonomo, knit by Twinkerbell in Aquarella “Arapey”An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McFee, knit by Vermilion in Gruesa “Paris Night”; Lengthwise Garter Scarf, knit by Putasockonit in Gruesa “Plata”; Muffle, designed and knit by Alexandra Tinsley in Aquarella “Indy”

— Hannah

Pattern Roundup – New Knits in Malabrigo

Time to look again to the Ravelry new pattern search and see what’s new for you to put on the needles! There have been some great designer releases in the last month or so, and many of them are larger projects that are perfect going into fall!

Opposite Pole by Joji Locatelli; Maplehurst Wrap by 44loopsAthena’s Vest Coat, by Kristi Holaas; Arris Hat, by Chris KnowltonVoice of the Sea by Cynthia GuggisbergSumire’s Shawl by Joyce YuSnugg by Anne Holvey; Sheridan by Sarah Burghardt;

— Hannah

Weaving with Malabrigo

I don’t weave personally or even know how, but there are many lovely people on Ravelry churning out fabulous projects in Malabrigo that are woven! I am eternally interested in seeing more of these lovely handmade treasures, and thought you might be too, so I collected a few. Be sure to click through and congratulate their makers on doing something beautiful.

Octopus Knits’ Deep Forest ScarfBathtubdreamer’s Twilight Scarf;

Villilanka’s Ultimate Softness Scarf; Kalessin’s First Weaving Project

— Hannah

New Patterns in Malabrigo

Time to show you what’s new on Ravelry for Malabrigo — I bet more than a few of these would be great additions to your fall knitting list!

Iguana Cardigan by Stephanie Roul; Ruby Socks by Qianer Huang; Moss & Stocking Stitch Cardi by Natasha Hogarth; Ardor by Jenny Raymond; Twistygoo by Lisa M. Beamer; Forsyth Sock by Tiffany Saint; Pootie by Wooly Wormhead; Squish Monster Cowl by Liz Abinante

— Hannah

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Every fall and spring season we like to drop in a little fashion post among the colorways to give you a hint at what ‘new knits’ might make your queue this fall. If you’re trying to stay in with the trends but still make your own things (especially out of yarns that you love), here are four looks from the runways – and corresponding patterns by various designers – that can help you achieve the look!

Shown: Aquascutum textured sweater, H&M wristwarmers + gloves, Tsumori Chisato sweater, Gap cabled sweater

Look 1: Textured, Simple, Pullovers

This is a great look to go with nearly anything in your wardrobe, and in the right color, it can be very trendy for Fall! This Fall’s color palette includes colors reminiscent of colorways Bergamota, Borraja or Uva, Bobby Blue, Frank Ochre, Verde Esperanza and Rich Chocolate. Paired with a simple textured pullover, any colorway can show of the slight variations in our kettle dyeds, or highlight only the pattern with a solid. Some great examples of patterns are shown below:

Mithril by Anne Burk; Zig Zag Pullover by Phildar Design Team; Thermal by Laura Chau

Look 2: Scrunchy Armwarmers

Go out and grab yourself a pair of warm leather driving gloves, but get them so they’re a bit loose around the wrist – because you’re going to want to tuck in some Malabrigo goodness that will bridge the gap between your sleeve and hand! Any yarn weights lace to worsted, will work for these, so pick your favorite color and a weight that works best for your climate. All you have to do is knit a stockinette tube — but in case you needed a little more direction or wanted more ‘flair’ to your handwarmers, check out the patterns below. I can’t think of any combination more divine than a buttery brown leather glove and bright Bobby Blue lace handwarmer layers!

Mariposa Mitts by Melissa Wherle; Buttermilk Channel Mitts by Rachel Maurer;

Albina Armwarmers by Vera Brosgol

Look 3: Lightweight Elegance

Using either our Malabrigo Lace or Malabrigo Angora, knit yourself a sumptuous sweater layer that can drape over your favorite tees. While the sweater from Dior is a little theatrical, you might prefer something more modern, like any of the patterns below. Not feeling this season’s color palette? Go pastel with any of the base colors – turning Verde Esperanza into Water Green, or Borraja into Orchid.

Marco by Rosee Woodland; Mouse-Stairs Top by Boadicea Binnerts;

Angel-Wings Pullover by Katya Gorbacheva; Kelmscott by Carol Sunday

Look 4: Cable Knits

Cables are HUGE this fall – both in scale and in popularity. We saw them all over the TNNA runway and they’re already showing up in many, many pattern books. Take a look at any of these sweaters and find the perfect Malabrigo yarn to knit them in. You won’t regret knitting up a cabled sweater in a stitch-defining yarn like Rios, and with the easy care of superwash, you won’t even have to dry clean!

Aeneas by Norah Gaughan; Side to Side Cabled Cardigan by Stefania Mereu;

Rutland by Kayla Dyches; Rivel Cardigan by Miriam Felton

— Hannah

Interview with Jenny Raymond

Jenny Raymond, shown with friend & technical editor/designer Chris Church

Jenny Raymond, one of my roommates at TNNA, was so sweet to concede to an interview! She is the designer behind ZJonquil designs, a line of intricate and carefully planned patterns. Her trademark pieces are often covered in cables, textured stitches, or lace. Jenny has patterns for knitters and crocheters, and is a super-speedy knitter — in fact, during our trip, she blocked out a beautiful lace shawl on the floor of our hotel room! She has been designing since 2008 and works at her local yarn store teaching knitting classes when she’s not churning out lovely designs for us to work from! You might know her as zzwhitejd on Ravelry, or from her

What was your first Malabrigo experience?

It was at my local knitting and crochet group at Charlotte Purls, a LYS here. Some friends of mine, Doreen and Janet, were excited about this new yarn, and brought some to the group to let us touch. The instant my fingers hit that yarn, I knew I had to get some. The texture was just the beginning, too, after I saw the colors!

Bonny Hood, a pattern by Jenny Raymond in Twist or Worsted

What was your first design in Malabrigo Yarns?

I crocheted a granny square scarf, called Mabel. At the time, I didn’t know how to write patterns or take good photos, but I knew that other people would want to make one — I loved mine so much and wore it everywhere! Plus, the fabulous colors lent some pop to an older stitch, and the texture of Silky, the yarn I used, was just perfect for the crochet stitches. I can’t even find the scarf anymore to take pictures, sadly. But when I find it again I’ll be wearing it al the time!

Chimera, by Jenny Raymond

Why Malabrigo for so many of your designs?

I love the color variance, the diversity of yarns available in so many colors really allows designers to play around. Plus, the quality of the yarn is unbeatable, as is the price range. The yardage for dollar value is perfect for anyone who buys a lot of their own yarn.

What is your personal favorite project out of our yarns?

I made a pair of Ariadnes out of one of the test yarns, Dos. The colorway is the perfect balance between brown, pink, and red — it’s supposed to be a test for Cognac. They are so soft and just go with everything, I end up wearing them all the time. I would love to make another pair in a different colorway, but until Dos is released, that doesn’t seem possible.

Ariadne, a pattern by Jenny for Silky or Dos

What is your favorite colorway?

It changes so often! Verdes Azules seems to be my continual favorite no matter what, though!  I have a test yarn sample on Worsted in ‘Dry Blue’ that I adore as well. I was lucky to find three skeins of it! (note: Dry Blue was a test colorway that is not available — it is very similar to Marine)

Amabel, a pattern by Jenny Raymond for Rasta

It was such a pleasure to interview Jenny and get to meet her at TNNA! She is delightful to talk and work with and has an insatiable addiction to Jeni’s ice cream, if you should like to bribe her in the future!

— Hannah