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The winners at the mill!

Magdalena Diaz and Sebastian Ifran are the winners of the finest merino producers contest, the contest that Malabrigo sponsored in Uruguay last year.

The farm “Pablo Páez” is located in Cerro Largo, in the north east of Uruguay. They have worked with super fine merino wool since 1996, but have been raising wool sheep since 1980.

The prize of the contest is to go to Stitches East  close to New York with us, and we are very excited to take them. Our idea is to connect the producer with the knitters or final consumers, instead of just being a middle man. We want to make sure you know who your wool is coming from!

Verdict in Spanish here.


49 in a day!!

We are honored to have received 49 visitors  at the mill from the Great Balls of Yarn store — Robin from Great  Balls of Yarn organized this amazing trip. They visited the mill, took “some” wool and even dyed their own skeins.

It was an incredible experience. Thanks for being here! Well-known knitter Nicky Epstein was among our visitors;  as you can see, she visited our “swimming wool”. We had a wonderful time dyeing and sharing with you all!

More pictures at the Malabrigo  Yarns Facebook page!

Malabrigo for Kids!

Munecos, a brand-new Etsy shop, is open for business! The three-woman Uruguayan team, headed up by Monica Bacardaz, has set up an Etsy store to sell their high-quality stuffed animals. Each animal is made from Malabrigo yarns and stuffed with Corriedale, making them 100% natural wool materials. The animals are made in pieces using crochet, knitting, embroidery and sewing techniques, and assembled by hand too! Here’s a picture of Monica working at home:

Monica at work

If you have a friend or know someone who really appreciates stuffed animals, you should certainly check out Munecos!

Chau, Hannah

Sustainable Hot Water

At the factory, we’re doing our best to decrease our environmental footprint! Our most recent addition to the mill? A flat-plate thermal heating system has been installed at the mill. Using the power of the sun, we can heat our water tanks for the various processes to make your favorite yarns. The panels are being installed on the roof of the mill, as shown below.

Solar panel installation on the roof of our building!

Thermal plate installation on the roof of our building!

Uruguay Knit in Public + Malabrigo, Making a Difference

IKiP Donations

IKiP Donations

Awhile back, we had a post about Uruguay’s International Knit in Public Day, a great event for knitters to show off their skills are raise awareness about knitting to the general public. While many knitters all over the globe get together on IKiP to knit, chat, and just be friendly, the knitters in Uruguay like to knit with a purpose. Together, they managed to knit 900 garments for the orphanages in Uruguay! Many of these garments were out of Malabrigo, which was donated both for knitting with at the IKiP event, and as prizes for participants.

Children Recieving Donations

Children Recieving Donations

The end result was fantastic — these 900 garments went to suit the needs of charities Guillermina and Nuevo Amancer, to be worn by children who truly need them. Yet again, another example of wool keeping not only our bodies, but our hearts warm.

We can only hope that IKiP will be just as successful next year as last year — and hopefully it won’t have to be moved inside because of rain again!

Chau, Hannah

Sheep Week – Giveaway Winner!

Goodbye, Los Manantiales — it was good to explore your grassy pastures, stone steps and walkways, and fruit trees! We had a wonderful time!

photo by Ignacio Abella

photo by Ignacio Abella

And now, the two great rams will choose the giveaway winner! The winner will receive, by mail:

1 skein of Silky Merino in Celeste

1 skein of Silky Merino in Helechos

2 skeins of Silky Merino in Tatami

1 skein of Worsted Merino in Natural

2 skeins of Rios in Coco

1 skein of Gruesa in Natural (Gruesa is Corriedale! We felt we needed to represent the other sheep here in Uruguay a little, too!)

Congratulations to Glockeroo for winning this great prize! Thank you for your sweet comments, everyone — it has been a great Sheep Week! Glockeroo, we’ll contact you for your mailing address.

Chau, Hannah