Color Feature: Cupcake

(It was my birthday yesterday, so how about a cupcake? Mmm, red velvet.)

Photo by flickr user "ken's oven", used under creative commons license


Feeling inspired? Try these Malabrigo colorways….


Top Row: Silky Merino in Hot Pink, Finito in Mostaza, Gruesa in Butter, Chunky in Water Green. Bottom Row: Worsted in Intenso, Arroyo in Black, Arroyo in Natural, Silky Merino in Mint Frappe.


3 thoughts on “Color Feature: Cupcake

  1. Jan Maidy

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Malabrigo Sock yarn. It was a gift to me for a shawl and it turned out beautiful!!! I’d never have picked Velvet Grapes, but I was grateful that she did — thought when I saw it still on the skein it was too dark, but it looked gorgeous in Afternoon Tea shawl!

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