Color Feature: Shiny Beetle

Photo by Flickr user "shaferlens", used under Creative Commons license.

Feeling inspired? Try these Malabrigo colorways…

Top Row: Aquarella in Solis; Worsted in Sapphire Green; Lace in Lettuce; Lace in Vermillion. Bottom row: Worsted in Black; Twist in Teal Feather; Sock in Ochre; Rasta in Arco Iris.


2 thoughts on “Color Feature: Shiny Beetle

  1. Nancy J

    I believe that is a Japanese Beetle; hated here in these parts for its’ indiscriminate destruction of some of our most beautiful summer flowers. HOWEVER you have displayed your most beautiful colors, especially the Rasta in Arco Iris, using it as your inspiration. How clever! Thanks. I especially enjoy “See it Knit”.

  2. Karen

    Please visit my blog to see my fulled bag done with Arco Iris Rasta.! I more than love this yarn.

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