Coming Soon — Malabrigo Book 3 Preview

Malabrigo Book 3 is still pretty far away from a wide press release, and you won’t be seeing it on your yarn store’s shelves for awhile, but we thought we’d give you a little teaser preview. This was a very exciting project for us to work on, and is one especially dear to me since I got to be Styling/Project Coordinator for Book 3! I worked closely with the stylist to choose all the outfits and the direction of the photoshoot, and with Antonio to choose the perfect model and location.

Book 3 Preview

Book 3 Preview

Book 3 Preview

Let us know what you think, and which patterns you’re getting excited for! This book features patterns from a wide range of really excellent designers, and we can’t wait to introduce it to the world. We don’t have a release date yet, and these are not the official book pictures, but we will let you know as we get more information!

Chau, Hannah

30 thoughts on “Coming Soon — Malabrigo Book 3 Preview

  1. Sally

    Wow, what’s not to love. The styling, the photography, the colors, the yarn, and the model are absolutely beautiful. Looks like this book should be a winner. Congrats on a job very well done.

  2. Emma

    Wow, those garments look fantastic! How exciting to get to work on the book from the beginning. I can’t wait to see more…

  3. Patricia/questionable

    I love the styling, Hannah!–especially the pops of color against white:) I am totally in love with that cowl!!!!!!

  4. Tpony

    I saw that cowl also and fell in love! How many skeins please? Wish to order that yarn asap. Thank you!

  5. Alice

    Is the Rasta cowl pictured in your new ad? I also would like to purchase the yarn asap, and loved the cowl in your new ad.

  6. Deborah Adams

    The cowl on the cover and in the ad in interweave is beautiful I can’t wait to make it. The preview pics are all lovely too. I am excited and wish I didn’t have to wait til January

  7. Susan

    My daughter fell in love with the cowl in the ad! Please say I will be able to make that for her for Christmas!!!

  8. Darla Rhind

    I recently purchased your yarn for a shawl and have enjoyed working with it so. I was wanting to make a cowl for a Christmas gift and loved the yarn in your ad for the cowl in the Winter issue 2010 of Interweave. I cannot find the name of the type of yarn used nor the pattern. I have a feeling the pattern is in the Book 3 which is not out on the shelves yet and will not be for awhile. How can I find out which one of your yarns was used and how can I obtain the pattern? Thank You. Darla Rhind

  9. antonio

    I’m sorry about the delay. The book is printing right now. I hope you can have it as soon as posible.

  10. Viola zborowski

    I really need the pattern and the color yarn on the front cover of this book. When will it be available?

  11. Patty Desmond

    Any way to get a pattern early? I want the one use in the ad in “knitters” or k100. It’s also at the top of your web page. Please send me any updates of the book and it’s release date.

  12. Breean Elyse

    Darla – You’ll see in this thread that we’re discussing the cowl featured in the ad in Interweave. It’s made with Rasta in the Piedras colorway, and will be available in Book 3.

  13. sarah ott

    okay well i went to this website based on the cowl i saw in interweave so that is definetly the one i am excited for! and i have to say i absolutely love the hair on the model. beautiful. i’m definetly bookmarking this and i look forward to viewing that pattern.

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