Designer Interview: Corrina Ferguson

We’ve been meaning to get Corrina in our clutches for ages, and we are so glad to finally present this interview! Corrina is known for her beautifully intricate designs, delicate lace, and flattering silhouettes.

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A quick bio blurb before we dive in:

Corrina knits and designs in Florida where it is sadly too hot to wear all her Malabrigo hats. One day maybe she’ll be a reverse snowbird and start vacationing in New England in the winter so she can wear all her handknits. Corrina blogs at


Alrighty! Corrina, can you tell us about your first experience with Malabrigo yarns? 

My first experience with Malabrigo was using it for the Tilted Duster from Interweave Knits in 2007. This was right before I started designing. Malabrigo Merino Worsted was *the* big thing at my LYS and I think a dozen of us knitted that sweater in Malabrigo. The yarn store owner had bags of colors and you got to pick your bag. I chose Red Mahogany. It was then and is still my favorite worsted weight yarn. I actually keep a good chunk of it in my worsted swatching bin – it’s my go to yarn for swatching worsted designs, especially cables.


Corrina's first Malabrigo Project, the Tilted Duster by Norah Gaughan

Corrina’s first Malabrigo Project, the Tilted Duster by Norah Gaughan


And what was your first design in Malabrigo?

My first design in Malabrigo was my Surrey Hat. The natural color of the worsted was the perfect backdrop for the cables and honeycomb texture. Malabrigo cables like magic! I actually dyed up a skein of the natural a second time to work a man-style cabled hat- MacDuff– because I was so in love with how it cabled.


Surrey Hat in Merino Worsted, Natural

Surrey Hat in Merino Worsted, Natural

MacDuff hat in Merino Worsted, dyed by Corrina.

MacDuff hat in Merino Worsted, dyed by Corrina.


Oooh, pretty! Nice color too- maybe we need to get you down to Uruguay! Hehe. What draws you to Malabrigo for your design work?

For me first and foremost I design with Malabrigo because I love how it feels. It’s so easy on the hands, and it’s always a delight to work with. And the color selection is wonderful. There’s something about the way Malabrigo is dyed that makes even the craziest variegates look gorgeous.


What is your favorite thing that you’ve knit in Malabrigo so far?

My favorite Malabrigo design is my Pettine in Malabrigo Sock. The Indicieta
colorway is the perfect blend of soft blues and greens. It’s one of those shawlettes that you can easily see thrown over a crisp white shirt worn with a pair of jeans. I think I love it best because it’s so pretty and so wearable.


Pettine Shawlette in Sock, Indiecita.

Pettine Shawlette in Sock, Indiecita.


And finally, the tough one: what is your favorite base and colorway?

My favorite base will always be the Merino Worsted, although the Twist comes a close second. I’m actually a thrower, and have recently been trying to teach myself to efficiently knit continental. And the yarn I break out every time for practice is the Merino Worsted. My favorite color is one I have yet to design with – Noviembre. I worked up a Foliage hat (from Knitty) in that colorway years ago and it is still my favorite hat ever with the pinks and oranges.



Corrina's Foliage Hat (by Emilee Mooney) as modeled by a Robot. Knit in Chunky in Noviembre.

Corrina’s Foliage Hat (by Emilee Mooney) as modeled by a Robot. Knit in Chunky in Noviembre.


Thank you so much Corrina!! You can check out Corrina’s huge body of gorgeous work on her Ravelry page here, or her website here. (Especially if you’re a lace or shawlette fan- you’ve gotta see her stuff!)

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