Designs for Malabrigo — Lorraine Hearn

Lorraine alerted us that she has an entire page of Malabrigo Yarn patterns on her website! We thought it’d be great to link you to it, since she not only offers them on Ravelry on her design page, but you can get them through her website as well (just scroll down to the bottom of the page), if you aren’t a member! Most of her patterns are made by using Rasta in creative ways. If you’ve got a skein at home and aren’t sure what to do with it, this might be a good place to start looking.

Loopy Necktie pattern and photo by Lorraine Hearn

Loopy Necktie pattern and photo by Lorraine Hearn

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10 thoughts on “Designs for Malabrigo — Lorraine Hearn

  1. Laura

    i just ordered a scarf pattern that Lorraine has written with Rasta. It is beautiful and i can’t wait to try it out! So creative and shows off the colors beautifully!

  2. Kay null Hammond

    I’ve just ordered two of Lorraine’s Rasta patterns for cushion covers and can’t wait to get started on them. I’ve ordered many of Lorraine’s patterns in the past and they are all very original and creative.

  3. Karen Fenemore

    I too have just purchased a scarf pattern of Lorraine’s and know from past experience that her designes are wonderful as I have knitted many of them in the past.

  4. Linda M. Beaulieu

    I just purchased Lorraine’s scarf pattern using Malabrigo Rasta..I can’t wait to start it! First time in purchasing one of Lorraine’s patterns & it will not be the last!!

  5. Elissha

    I was on Ravelry and saw the Giant Loopy Knit Necktie and thought my daughter would really like it. I ordered the pattern which was quickly emailed to me along with a nice note from Lorraine. I had a couple of questions which Lorraine kindly answered for me. Once I got the patterned I immediately looked online for the Rasta yarn and have already ordered it. I’m so looking forward to working with the yarn and pattern. Thanks!

  6. Karen Scott

    I just ordered Lorraine’s Loopy Knit Necktie and was overwhelmed by all of the lovely and creative patterns she has. I can’t wait to start knitting this weekend. I’ve been able to locate Malabrigo yarn at my LYS and plan on stopping by tomorrow and getting some!

    Thanks so much for creating a beautiful selection of yarn and for partnering with Lorraine and her designs! I would have never found you if it wasn’t for Lorraine!

  7. Dena Howlett

    I just love Lorraine Hearn’s patterns. They really are unique and fun designs and she manages to create such a variety of textures. It is also great when you can be confident that the pattern is actually going to work! I am going to have to try the Rainbow Bag and Bangle next – these Malabrigo Rasta yarns look superb.

  8. Dena Howlett

    Not sure if this is an ongoing offer but Lorraine Hearn is currently offering buy one get one free patterns at the moment so I have ordered the Rainbow Flame Stitch Scarf in addition to the Rainbow Bag and Bangle!!!!!!!!!!!!

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