Gruesa & Aquarella Love

Sometimes, I feel like Aquarella and Gruesa get a little ignored. Since they’re made from a hardier wool than merino, they aren’t quite as Malabrigo-soft as some of our other wools, but they still have many redeeming qualities! I love the texture of each knit made with these thick and thin yarns, and each of the colorways knits up beautifully. Check out some lovely projects made from these yarns and get inspired to make your own.

Pixie Dust Lap Blanket by Purl Soho, knit by Citizen Queen in Gruesa “Lettuce”; Chinny Chinstrap Cap by Tricia Drake, knit by Melrows in Aquarella “Palmar”; Bitty Bump by Gina Bonomo, knit by Twinkerbell in Aquarella “Arapey”An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McFee, knit by Vermilion in Gruesa “Paris Night”; Lengthwise Garter Scarf, knit by Putasockonit in Gruesa “Plata”; Muffle, designed and knit by Alexandra Tinsley in Aquarella “Indy”

— Hannah

2 thoughts on “Gruesa & Aquarella Love

  1. Anna Chiara

    I absolutely agree with you, they are stunning… but I can’t seem to find anyone who carries them… is there any online reseller in Europe that carries them? Aquarella especially?

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