Howling Winds Cowl – New Pattern!

Howling Winds Cowl, by Hannah Thiessen

Howling Winds Cowl, by Hannah Thiessen

The Howling Winds Cowl has finally been released! Start looking for it at your local yarn stores next month, as copies can be obtained through their rep and are free with a purchase of a skein of Rasta. The pattern is made in exactly one skein of Rasta in Solis, but would look good in any of Rasta’s colorways. It knits up quickly and is a great gift for yourself, or anyone who lives in colder climates!

If you have already purchased a skein of Rasta, but still want to knit the cowl, the pattern is available!

29 thoughts on “Howling Winds Cowl – New Pattern!

  1. Gina

    I just bought 2 skeins of Rasta from Knit Stop in Indianapolis with the intention of making this cowl. Asked for the pattern and they had no idea what I was talking about! Even offered to pull up this page, but they refused. So upset and don’t want to pay for the pattern since I bought the yarn.

  2. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    Thank you for letting us know. Some yarn stores may not have received copies of the pattern from their rep as of yet — I will send you a courtesy copy via email.

  3. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    If your LYS does not have the pattern for you (they need to ask their rep for it) or is unwilling to get it for you, please message the designer on Ravelry with the name of your LYS to get a copy of the pattern.

  4. amy

    My LYS had an advertisement for malabrigo yarn in a magazine with this beautiful cowl on the model, however the pattern I was given looks different than what is on the model in the magazine. The pattern doesn’t look as bulky as the one on model in the magazine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Amy

  5. cindy

    This blue “Howling Winds” cowl is a different thing altogether from the one pictured from book 3, as you have posted here. These are 2 different patterns!
    I cannot get the pattern from Book 3 at my LYS without actually buying the book, which is sad because I really want the multi-colored version on the model in the white dress from Book3.
    Can anyone help get the pattern for the one with the buttons?

  6. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    It is illegal to reproduce these patterns without the designer’s permission — this is why you aren’t able to get them separately. The designers signed on to protect the copyright of the book. It’s what helps pay those of us who worked on it but aren’t getting extra from the book sales themselves 😉 All the patterns are available in the book — why not just go in on the book with a friend and share?

  7. admin

    It supposed “book 3” to be on the LYS, but it is delay. Freighter says it is because to the snow

  8. Vicky

    I bought this yarn this past week but a pattern wasn’t available in the shop, would it be possibe for you to send it to me? Thanks a million!! I am going to Alaska this summer and wanting to make so things with this wonderful yarn to keep my neck warm!!

  9. Kelly Perfect

    I purchased 2 skeins of Rasta #853 Abril from Jimmy Beans Wool and did not get this free pattern. I would really like the Howling Winds Cowl pattern as I think it would be a great project for the yarn I just purchased.

  10. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    The pattern is not free from online vendors, only from local yarn stores. The idea was to encourage shopping at your local yarn store. If you are local to Jimmy Beans Wool and entered the store to buy your yarn, please email me and I will send you a copy of the pattern.

  11. Jodi Doody

    I purchased the skein at classic elite store in MA but it is an hour drive for me to get back..can i have the pattern emailed to me? i purchased 3 skeins in different color ways that work together…love the yarn!!! Thx.

  12. Amy

    Hello! I just purchased two skeins of Rasta and asked for the Howling Winds Cowl pattern. They told me they had run out and gave me a pattern for another cowl, but I prefer the Howling Winds by far. Would it be possible to email this to me? Many thanks, Amy

  13. Bea

    I am extremely confused with this pattern. My cowl DOES NOT LOOK like the pic. I followed the pattern. My LYS owner gave me the copy and made an adjustment because she said the pattern was wrong. She scratched off for row 2 sl knitwise, she said it should be sl purlwise. I keep looking at my piece and don’t know what to think. I spent 24 dollars for what? I NEED HELP!!!!!!

  14. Lisa Hatfield

    Hello, I purchased a skein of this yarn and the shop did not have the pattern. Really eager to make knit this pattern. Purchased in Eureka, CA . Thanks Lisa

  15. Vicky beard

    I purchased Rasta 868 and 610 at two different shops and no one knew anything about the howling winds cowl. I would the pattern please.

  16. Arlene huybregts

    I would like to receive the pattern for the howling winds cowl. I have purchased 3 skeins of rasta from the knitting store in west vancouver, B.C.


  17. Christine Baumgartner

    I purchased 3 skiens of rasta on 11/01/2016 from Fancy Tiger Crafts (59 Broadway) in Denver, Colorado. Is there any way I can get the pattern for the Howling Winds Cowl?

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