International Day of Felt

malabrigo has participated on this event. If you look at this Installation art you can find our colors there.

Gbi Cunha and Siv Goransson, are the artists who created the felted pieces for this work.

You can see the “Puerta de la Ciudadela”; this was the door of ancient fortressed first old city of Uruguay.


In this picture you can see on the background, views of the “Ciudad Vieja”(old city) of Montevideo.


2 thoughts on “International Day of Felt

  1. Alex

    Jennie, it depends which yarn base you used. The superwash yarns like Rios, Sock, and Arroyo won’t really felt well, because they’re meant to be machine washable. But Worsted, Chunky, and Lace will felt wonderfully!

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