International Knit in Public Day – Uruguay

Knitters Knitting, Talking, Dancing....
Knitters Knitting, Talking, Dancing….
Event Poster
Event Poster

It was a rainy, rainy, day for this year’s IKiP day here in Uruguay, but luckily the group of knitters who had gathered outdoors in the plaza found dry, warm solstice in one of the local businesses. They were served cups of hot soup, hot cocoa, and given sugared croissants as they spent their time knitting garments not for themselves, but for children in Uruguay who might otherwise not have wooly, warm, goodness.

This is a project that we at Malabrigo try to support every year — this year we sent bags of our Aquarella yarn to become quick scarves, hats, sweaters and ponchos, and it was so fun to see what everyone made with them. Participating knitters had the chance to win Malabrigo yarn prizes depending on what they had in their knitting bags, how long or how many knits they made during the day, or if their name came up in the random drawings! It was a fun day for all, I think — and the host was remarkably enthusiastic, which always helps.

The table set up where knitters could put finished objects

Afterwards, one of the hosts made sure to show us all the boxes filled with knits — there were so many already on the table, it was surprising to see nearly four more boxes that were filled with knitted charity items. It’s good to know that this winter, so many people will be warm just because of knitting!

Boxes of finished knits - Aquarella on top!
Boxes of finished knits – Aquarella on top!

Chau, Hannah

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