Interview with Jenny Raymond

Jenny Raymond, shown with friend & technical editor/designer Chris Church

Jenny Raymond, one of my roommates at TNNA, was so sweet to concede to an interview! She is the designer behind ZJonquil designs, a line of intricate and carefully planned patterns. Her trademark pieces are often covered in cables, textured stitches, or lace. Jenny has patterns for knitters and crocheters, and is a super-speedy knitter — in fact, during our trip, she blocked out a beautiful lace shawl on the floor of our hotel room! She has been designing since 2008 and works at her local yarn store teaching knitting classes when she’s not churning out lovely designs for us to work from! You might know her as zzwhitejd on Ravelry, or from her

What was your first Malabrigo experience?

It was at my local knitting and crochet group at Charlotte Purls, a LYS here. Some friends of mine, Doreen and Janet, were excited about this new yarn, and brought some to the group to let us touch. The instant my fingers hit that yarn, I knew I had to get some. The texture was just the beginning, too, after I saw the colors!

Bonny Hood, a pattern by Jenny Raymond in Twist or Worsted

What was your first design in Malabrigo Yarns?

I crocheted a granny square scarf, called Mabel. At the time, I didn’t know how to write patterns or take good photos, but I knew that other people would want to make one — I loved mine so much and wore it everywhere! Plus, the fabulous colors lent some pop to an older stitch, and the texture of Silky, the yarn I used, was just perfect for the crochet stitches. I can’t even find the scarf anymore to take pictures, sadly. But when I find it again I’ll be wearing it al the time!

Chimera, by Jenny Raymond

Why Malabrigo for so many of your designs?

I love the color variance, the diversity of yarns available in so many colors really allows designers to play around. Plus, the quality of the yarn is unbeatable, as is the price range. The yardage for dollar value is perfect for anyone who buys a lot of their own yarn.

What is your personal favorite project out of our yarns?

I made a pair of Ariadnes out of one of the test yarns, Dos. The colorway is the perfect balance between brown, pink, and red — it’s supposed to be a test for Cognac. They are so soft and just go with everything, I end up wearing them all the time. I would love to make another pair in a different colorway, but until Dos is released, that doesn’t seem possible.

Ariadne, a pattern by Jenny for Silky or Dos

What is your favorite colorway?

It changes so often! Verdes Azules seems to be my continual favorite no matter what, though!  I have a test yarn sample on Worsted in ‘Dry Blue’ that I adore as well. I was lucky to find three skeins of it! (note: Dry Blue was a test colorway that is not available — it is very similar to Marine)

Amabel, a pattern by Jenny Raymond for Rasta

It was such a pleasure to interview Jenny and get to meet her at TNNA! She is delightful to talk and work with and has an insatiable addiction to Jeni’s ice cream, if you should like to bribe her in the future!

— Hannah

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