Junkies Preparing for October Stockpile

If you’re looking for a little push starting your holiday knitting, please join many Malabrigo lovers over on Ravelry, where the Malabrigo Junkies Group will be picking up their yarn and needles and casting on this October for “Stockpile”, an event designed to help knitters focus on the upcoming holiday season and the inevitable need for hand-knitted gifts!

The Junkies provide not only plenty of hand-holding and friendly support, but they get a little competitive too, with contests and fabulous prizes provided by none other than their favorite yarn company.

Contests this year include:

“You Can Do It”Tackle a new technique or knit something that is a challenge to you, stretch your skills and post your progress along the way.

“One Skein Design” – Design a pattern using a single skein of a Malabrigo yarn, writing it up into a pattern that can be sold or downloaded for free on Ravelry.

“Most Junkie Designs Completed” – Members compete against each other to see who can cast on and complete the most patterns designed by Malabrigo Junkies members.

“WOW” – Impress the judges by making something at least 70% from Malabrigo yarns to show off your skills, personal style or knitting prowess.

“Most Generous Member” – The heart of Stockpile, this contest is all about who can finish the most one-skein presents for family, friends, or favorite charity.

All the Stockpile contests mentioned here can only be officially entered by Malabrigo Junkie Group members (membership is free, of course), and have rules that should be carefully read over before jumping in.

If competing isn’t your style, there are also an abundance of Knit-A-Longs this October for the different parts of the body, so that whatever you’re knitting, you can find someplace to hang out and post your progress. As always, there are random drawings from people who participate, so make sure that if you’re playing along, you post something somewhere!

It is so much fun to participate in this Junkie annual event, and I hope to see you over on Ravelry myself (my username is Hannahbelle)!

Chau, Hannah

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