Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project – March

The March edition of the Freelance Pattern Project has been released! This month’s theme is ‘New Growth’, and the patterns are by Elizabeth Elliott. You can tell that it’s all about little green things shooting up everywhere by the great colorwork patterns in this edition!

New Growth - March

You can buy the e-book or individual patterns in Elizabeth’s Ravelry store: New Growth E-Book.

I especially love the gorgeous Circinate lace cowl, knit in a skein of Malabrigo Sock. There is something really wonderful about super-versatile pieces that you can wear with anything, and that keep you warm at the same time, since much of the world is going through transitional weather right now!

In case somehow it slipped your radar, the January of MFPP can be found by clicking on the collection of patterns from January below!

January E-Book, by Nina Machlin Dayton

Happy Knitting!


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