Malabrigo in Print: Idiot’s Guides: Knitting Sweaters


Some lovely Finito in Archangel makes an appearance in Megan Goodacre’s new book, “Idiots Guides: Knitting Sweaters“! A great choice for a newbie sweater knitter (even if they’re not idiots, hehe.) The Seamless Cardi features easy top-down construction with a little bit of shaping and some charming pocket detail, for a super adorable result.

One thought on “Malabrigo in Print: Idiot’s Guides: Knitting Sweaters

  1. Jocelyne brassard

    Pourriez vous offrir des patrons beaucoup plus conventionnels , classique,(plane) du genre qu’on peut trouver chez les gens de bon goût.

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