Malabrigo & “New Heights in Lace Knitting”


New Heights in Lace Knitting Cover

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Last June edition features an Andrea Jurgrau project knitted in Malabrigo Nube spun into a lace Yarn.

The pattern represents the South American mountain Aconcagua in a book that focus in the mountains of the world.

“Aconcagua, in the Andes mountains of Argentina, is the highest mountain on the south American continent, at 22,837 feet (6,961 m). The first recorded ascent was in 1897 by a British expedition. It continues to be a popular climbing destination, and the youngest person documented to have reached the summit of Aconcagua was a nine-year-old, in 2013. The oldest documented climber was an eighty-seven-year-old, in 2007.

This project gives directions for a handspun version and one knit with a commercially available yarn in the identical fiber. The handspun version omits the beads, which are used liberally in the commercially available yarn version! There are two different bind-off options. The “EyeBrow” bind-off takes longer and uses more yarn, but it is well worth the effort. The handspun version shows the Gathered Crochet bind-off and the other shows the “eyeBrow.”

We are happy to share with you the “Indiecita Shawl” images. (It shares name with the Nube color used for the pattern)

Indiecita Shawl - Malabrigo Yarn (1)

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Indiecita Shawl - Malabrigo Yarn (2)

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Recommended Yarn: Roving Malabrigo Nube in Indiecita Colorway.

Indiecita Shawl - Malabrigo Yarn (4)

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Indiecita Shawl - Malabrigo Yarn (3)

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You can find more information about the pattern and the book, here.

Or find the pattern here.

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