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  1. Margarita

    Good morning,

    I wanted to express my concern. Firstly I love your yarns and colors and it is my go to yarn. Friday I purchased 3 skeins of the lace baby merino in natural and to my displeasure as I was making a ball all 3 skeins had too many knots in which I had to untie and now I have several balls made of the pieces so just not to have tangled yarn. I purchased the yarn to make a beautiful shawl and now I have pieces that will cause a concern. If I had 1 skein with just 1 knot I would have thought it a miracle. I have purchased your yarn many times before and this is the first time this happens to me and it had to be all 3 skeins that were in the package. Unfortunately I am as I stated before displeased. I have never purchased a skein that had so many knots in it. I know that Malabrigo take care and pride in their product and I am hoping that in the future this matter doesn’t occur again in your skeins. I feel when the wool is being wounded more attention should be placed to avoid having a skein with so many knots. It is such a dismay to have a beautiful product such as Malabrigo to produce and sell such an inferior product

    I would like to also know if there is any way I can have the skeins replaced.

  2. Veronica

    Hi Margarita!
    We’re sorry you had trouble with the skeins you got. We are very careful in trying to avoid knots. Could you be so kind as to write to us through our Contact Us page on our website? Thank you

  3. Annie Hansen

    I constantly have problems winding skeins of Malabrigo. I love the color ways, but I always look for some other brand because of this problem. My LYS also has problems with thus yarn. Please fix this problem!!

    Thank you,


  4. Veronica

    Hi Annie!

    Could you please write to us through the Contact Us link on our web page, explaining the problem you had and with which one of our bases?

    Thank you
    Verónica for Malabrigo Yarn

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