May MFPP: Birds of Mythology by Melissa Goodale

Our first May MFPP ebook is here, and totally stunning! Each design is named for and inspired by a mythological bird, and features feathery lace designs. Usually I post a little blurb about the whole collection, but the story behind each design’s name is so interesting, I’m just going to share each one individually.

Who needs a new lucky sweater? You do! Alicanto, named after the beautiful bird of Chilean myth, is a top-down breezy cardigan that features light, lacy panels down the front. According to legend, the Alicanto, whose wings shine in the night sky with beautiful colors, brings luck to any miner who sees it. Will this sweater be your lucky charm?


A light lacy tank sweater, Sirin is named for a mythological bird-woman of Russian  folklore. The sirins sang beautiful songs to the saints, telling tales of joys to come. Once you hear the sirin’s call of this sweater’s overall lacy pattern of delicate eyelets and wavy ripples, you won’t be able to put it down!


Have you ever wanted to spread your wings and fly away? Manohara is a half-bird/half-woman heroine of Buddhist and Hindu lore who flies away from danger. With the Manohara shawls, knitting can become your escape from the daily grind. With options to make this shawl your own—sock weight or lace weight, one color or two, garter stitch or  lace—nothing will hold you down!


In Chinese mythology, the Jian bird has only one eye and one wing—by itself, it cannot function. But as a pair, inseparable and completely dependent on each other, the Jian could soar. With a bold, feathery center panel, Jian will encourage your fingers to fly. And what better argument against the dreaded “second sock syndrome?”

(All descriptions provided by the designer. Photographs copyright Vivian Aubrey)


The intricacy of these designs and choice of color palette are just gorgeous- great job Melissa!!

You can find this delightful collection on Ravelry. Or, browse all our MFPP patterns on the MFPP Ravelry Page. 


What on earth is “MFPP”?

MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! You can see past MFPP collections here or browse the patterns at the Ravelry link above!


– Alex

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  1. Cherie Benton

    I have the pattern for the Manohara shawl and I got stumped at the first instruction. The pattern says to cast on 8 stitches then turn. Could you please explain to me how to turn after the cast on.

    Thank you,

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