MFPP: At the Bakery by Lindsey Stephens

The second tasty crochet collection is out! I think this one wins the “Best subtitle for an MFPP ebook” award. Mmm, pie! I’ll let Lindsey tell you about the collection:

Malabrigo has always been close to my heart. It was the yarn that got me into local yarn stores and out of the big box chain stores. I was so excited when I found out I would be able to work with Malabrigo for this project. The inspiration photo for this collection was of a beautiful pie. It made me think of warmth, sweetness, and running to a cozy cafe.

 The Cinnamon Sticks Hats and Fingerless Gloves as well as the Traveling Vines Pillow use post stitches. I love post stitches for the texture they can provide. You can do some really great things with them. (In order to help crocheters out, I’ve created some tutorial videos for the stitches I use in these patterns. You can see those tutorial videos, as well as others, at



The Flue Socks are my personal favorite. I love a cozy pair of socks. This pattern has a close up of the first couple of heel rows which can help people trying this technique out for the first time. I had some crocheters test this pattern, and they found it a quick to make project. So keep this in mind for last minute gifts!


 The Simple Sugar Scarf is a nod to my nerdy chemistry love. Simple sugars like glucose are made up of 6 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms. So for the striping sequence I went with group repeats of 6 and 12. The sock yarn makes it lightweight, and it can be worn so many ways.


Finally, the Blackberry Blanket is what I think of as the perfect snuggling throw. Its fantastic texture looks great in the single ply yarn.

I hope other crocheters enjoy these patterns as much as I do. I’m always happy to hear feedback and answer questions. Just e-mail me at

Happy Stitching!

That last one really does look like blueberry pie, doesn’t it? Cozy delicious pie. Nice one, Lindsey!

You can see the full collection on Poetry in Yarn, here, or on Ravelry here. Click the pictures to go to the individual patterns. You can also browse all the MFPP patterns on our Ravelry page.


What on earth is “MFPP”?

MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! You can see past MFPP collections here or at the Ravelry link above!

– Alex

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