New Colors!

I thought you guys might want to see some sneak peeks of the new colors we’ll be releasing this year! Many are existing colorways that will be expanding to new bases, and some are brand new. Let’s start with Rios:

And Arroyo:

And Sock:

(For the list of color names, check out the yarn pages.) I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!


11 thoughts on “New Colors!

  1. Deb from Kingston, Canada

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colours, and desperately want to make a sweater with the Arroyo. However, I went to my local yarn shop, and she was told that she couldn’t order what I wanted, because the supplier (Diamond) does not get in what the market needs, so there is no supply of this here in Canada. HELP!!!!! What can I do to get my hands on this yarn?

  2. Deb from Kingston, Canada

    I should tell you that I do not wish to order in the US- I am looking for something Canadian.

  3. Gaby

    I’m very excited for the new colours!!!! I always wanted more blues, greens and pink in all bases.
    When will they be available to purchase?

  4. Alex Post author

    @ Deb- I don’t have access to the distribution information but if you contact Antonio & Tobias through this form, they may know!

    @Gaby- very soon! We were taking orders for them at TNNA. Usually things debuted there roll out sometime in the fall, though there is sometimes high demand at first which makes them a little harder to find.

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