New Submissions Email!

If you’re a designer who is interested in working with us at Malabrigo Yarns, or you are working on a project for a publication that you would like to use one of our yarns for, please feel free to contact us via our new Submissions email:

Each submission is handled personally by our Project Coordinator, and responded to as quickly as possible! If you are submitting as a designer requesting yarn support for a project, please include a detailed description of the project, sketches and swatches if possible, and an estimate of the yarns and colorways you would need, as well as the projected timeline and release date of your project.

Also, all designers are welcome to submit portfolios for the upcoming Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project 2012. This is a great opportunity to introduce your working style and design prowess to us — many of the designers from MFPP are considered for our future books.

7 thoughts on “New Submissions Email!

  1. Elizabeth Elliott

    How timely! I’m just putting together a yarn support proposal for you. Thanks, Hannah, and thanks to Malabrigo for being so generous in your support of independent designers.

  2. Mugdha Manasa

    How timely! I was just starting to design a sweater for my mom.. and the yarn avlbl to me was acrylic, but wanted something special for her. Will def work up my proposal and send across. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Ronni Perry

    Hello for years I have been making one of a kind crochet items for people without ever writing down how I made it. Over the last few years while I am still making these projects I started to write out the patterns. I now have many crocheted items, sweatert,jewelly ect.,in other words nott grannies stuff. I also have been making knooking patterns that are interchangable with knitted items and some tunisian items. As a disabled veteran the extra money comes in handy but the requests are intermitting at best. Please send me what ever I need to do to submit these patterns many only need testing.

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