Pattern Roundup!

Wow! I did a pattern search and there is a HUGE new grouping of fall patterns designed for Malabrigo Yarns of all weights. I put together a mosaic to share them with you below — it’s a big one! Click on the links with the names of the patterns to find your favorites.

Weekly pattern roundup

1. Petal Beret, 2. Blackberry Beret, 3. Henry, 4. A Slice of Autumn/Spring, 5. Twice Around Circular Scarf, 6. Bracken Shawlette, 7. The Orchid Thief Shawlette, 8. Fisherman’s Net Cowl, 9. Wyatt, 10. Lenina, 11. Chillout, 12. Madeline Earflap Hat, 13. Indian Summer, 14. Lemniscates Cowl, 15. Whippoorwill, 16. Baby Heart Hat

Chau, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Pattern Roundup!

  1. kalurah

    I love the Chillout Set! All these make me want to put on my Fall wardrobe NOW!!!! Thanks ever so much for including my Indian Summer in this beautiful montage. 🙂

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