Pinterest Board for Book Four

If any of you have Pinterest accounts, you already know what it is, but since it’s not open to all (you have to wait for an invitation after signing up), perhaps you haven’t heard of it yet. Pinterest is a website where you basically put together bulletin boards of pictures from the internet that you like, by adding a little button to the top of your navigation bar (in the browser), that allows you to ‘pin’ things to your board.

As part of getting ready for Book Four, I have set up a Pinterest board of things that I find interesting and as possible inspiration for the styling in the book. None of these are set in stone and the book will probably look very different from the board, but you can get a feel for what I’m looking at right now. Kind of a ‘follow my progress’ sort of thing!

If you would like to watch the pinterest board develop, here is the link: Book Four Inspiration Pinterest .

In addition, I have also created another pintrest board of pretty projects in Malabrigo that I find and love on Ravelry, Flickr and elsewhere. Enjoy that one here: Malabrigo Lovelies Pintrest Board.

If you are on Pinterest, please add me!

— Hannah

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