Post TNNA Thank You!

I just came home from TNNA and just wanted to pop onto the blog and say a quick thank-you to everyone who stopped by our booth. Whether you were a shop owner, a designer, or another yarn company just swinging by to tell us your appreciation for our yarns, it really was the highlight of each of the days to get to know people I have always only known online. I am so excited about the work we discussed, the orders we placed, and our future dealings with so many of you! TNNA was a pleasure and I will see you all again in Arizona.

— Hannah

6 thoughts on “Post TNNA Thank You!

  1. Billi Cummings

    I am wondering if you have a brown and gold yarn so I can knit a college team hat for my nephew! I love your yarn and would like to give this to my nephew before he goes off to college in the fall. Thx

  2. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    I would recommend looking at our online color card to find exactly what you want, but if you looking for two yarns – one brown and one yellow, I would recommend Sunset and Coco. If you are looking for a variegated, Loro Banquero is a good brown-and-gold yarn with slight touches of burgundy.

  3. jane jones

    We are wanting to now if your company is involved in fair trade, as we are going to list those companies in our newsletter. We are looking forward to our order as our customers are excited. Thank you for helping us at TNNA.

  4. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    We do not put a certification on the tags, but we do follow many fair trade practices (like paying your workers a fair wage, monitoring the animal treatment as you might have read about in our ‘sheep week’ posts last July, and this sort of thing.) If you want to list us, please do!

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