See It Knit – Applewood

Applewood is, in my opinion, one of the most perfect shades of brown. It’s neutral without being too neutral, and that makes it the perfect colorway for any staple garment in your wardrobe. Pale brown with touches of pink and gold, Applewood subtly resembles it’s namesake, a light-colored wood that is often used to smoke meats. As a color, applewood still has the same appealing richness – let it inject your knitting with a little flavor! Our See it Knit features are brought to you through collaboration with the Facebook team. Stop by our Facebook page and let us know what colorway you’d like to see next week!

Cardigan by Phildar Design Team, knit by IttyBittyJuliet by Sarah Moore, knit by Covered in Yarn;

Ginevra’s Pullover by Amy Polcyn, knit by LetsgoblueWhisper by Hannah Fettig, knit by k10;

— Hannah and Veronica

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