See It Knit – Archangel

Archangel was a favorite color of many just out of the gates – it just has so many unique qualities. In different lighting, it can be a deep purple to a bright pink with hints of gold. Knit up in solid stockinette, it has little stripes of color – slip some stitches and suddenly you have flecks against a darker background. It is subtle enough for lace, and sassy enough to stand on it’s own or create contrast in stripes. Don’t take our word for it – look at some of the awesome projects below!

Summer Flies, by Donna Griffin, knit by MeilindisHoneycomb Brioche Pidge, knit by neon628; Lazy Katy Shawl by Brigit Freyer, knit by Knittininbritain; Gridlock by Vivian Aubrey, knit by Belletrism

— Hannah & Veronica

7 thoughts on “See It Knit – Archangel

  1. Kim

    What a thrill to see my Fiery Katy Shawl featured in your post. And what an inspiration to see other projects for that second skein that I have tucked away in my stash!

    Kim (Knittin’ in Britain)

  2. Hannah Thiessen Post author

    Susan, you should look at Cumpersita, it is very close to what you’re talking about, just without the chartreuse, but you could always stripe it with Manzanilla Olive or Lettuce for the color combo you want!

  3. Amy

    I just wanted to drop in and say I LOVE the see it knit series! Sometimes it is so hard to tell what the different colors are going to look like when knit up! I have added several colors to my stash that I otherwise would have never chosen. Thanks!

  4. Robin

    This is THE most beautiful yarn I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m knitting it up in a lacy scarflette pattern Ishbel by Yolda and non knitters stop me to ask what it is!! Apparently I’m not the only lover of this colorway as I can’t find a second skein to finish this project!!

  5. Meilindis

    Wow! I just found my shawl featured here, what an honour!
    I really loved knitting it with the Silky Merino in the lovely Archangel colourway.
    Thank you for creating these awesome yarns!

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