See it Knit — Arco Iris

If there’s a color seem to go crazy over at the shows, it’s this one. Arco Iris is a popular multicolor that currently comes in the Silky and Rasta bases. Arco Iris in spanish literally means ‘rainbow’, and it’s no wonder – this colorway is all about showing as much of the rainbow as possible! The Rasta based Arco Iris is bright and vibrant, ready to highlight each and every stitch of your project in luminous color. The Silky Arco Iris is more pastel and subtle, and hearkens to the first fresh sights of spring, instead of the warm overtones of summer. When knitting with a multicolor, it’s important to remember that each stitch in your project will be a different color. If you keep this in mind, selecting patterns that highlight individual stitches can be incredibly successful.

Snow Drops & Snap Peas Shawl by Kristen Kapur, knit by themagicalbean; Instant Gratification Scarf by Cyn, knit by JJPhotoftwObtuse Hat designed and knit by Staceyfish; Multi-Directional Diagonal Scarf by Karen Baumer, knit by Staceyfish;

— Hannah & Veronica

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  1. Alex

    You guys are correct- this post was originally put up back when it was a fairly new colorway 🙂

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