See it Knit — Bobby Blue

If there’s any blue so fun as Bobby Blue, I don’t know it! A gorgeous colorway that is sure to brighten anyone’s afternoon, Bobby Blue recalls memories of blue skies, clear lakes, and maybe a favorite childhood garment or two. But don’t think it’s just a color made for the past – Bobby Blue is very current to today’s runways, and is one of the most recurring colorways in the Spring 2012 trend forecasts! Be sure to pick up a skein and make something special for yourself, or someone you know — grab yourself a little bit of clear day.

Ishbel by Ysolda Teagueknit by HellopoeEffortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, knit by Mercourier; Chandra by Caryl Pierre, knit by Ninja8Tofu; 09 Shrug by Debbie Bliss, knit by Neskria

— Hannah

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