See it Knit – Candombe

Some of our multicolors (read, not variegated) can be hard to picture. Each stitch takes on a different section of the dyed yarn, making for a mottled color with depth and interest, but an overall color theme. Candombe is named after a type of drum-heavy music played in Uruguay. When I was interning at the factory, the Uruguayans in Pocitos played Candombe to celebrate Uruguay’s advances in the World Cup. It was so fun to watch it being played, because the drums are nearly three feet high and are carried as the musical procession advances! The color Candombe is just as fun – a deep, rich color for the deep, rich sound of the drums.

Monkey by Cookie A., knit by Photographer Kel; Wyatt by Kelly Herdrich, knit by KataishDamson by Ysolda Teague, knit by Torsaporsa; Susie’s Reading Mitts by Janelle Masters, knit by Claudiacm1146

PS: If you like, you can listen to some Candombe here!

— Hannah and Veronica

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