See it Knit – Damask

Surely Antonio had the gorgeous namesake fabric in mind when he came up with the subtle, beautiful, pink tones of damask. A versatile pink, Damask (or Damask Rose, as it is known on the bases outside of Twist) is easily translated into sophisticated projects for adults or sweet, girly projects for babies and children. The color itself has unusual depth when paired with cabled or textured stitches, and easily pairs with most any other colors as a semi-neutral. If you can’t wear a traditional nude, try the rosy hues of Damask! Each base takes the dye for Damask differently. Try Twist for a brighter pink or the ‘Damask Rose’ variation in Lace, Worsted, Gruesa, and Chunky for a more subdued hue. And don’t forget to look at the projects below for some inspiration!

One-Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, knit by SqueakyBeansTextured Shawl Recipe by Orlane, knit by Barjolaine; Mrs. Darcy Cardigan by Mary Weaver, knit by Pricklypanda; Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus, knit by KellyMarie2

— Hannah & Veronica

2 thoughts on “See it Knit – Damask

  1. enid

    I love these see it knit post. For me at least it’s hard to picture what things are going to look like. Not that I give it much thought, because i like surprises, but I like seeing them in other forms. 🙂

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