See it Knit – Indiecita

In this weeks See it Knit, we would like to show you one of our most popular colors: Indiecita . It means “Little Indian Girl” in Spanish and the colorway is named after a picture Antonio once saw of a little indian girl who was wearing clothes with colors resembling the ones shown in Indiecita. It contains a mix of blues, some light purple, notes of yellow and green. It’s hand dyed and can therefore vary a lot, so if you’re thinking of using it for a larger project, please consider alternating skeins. Like all our multi colors, it doesn’t stripe, nor pool, allowing the colors to interact with each other in a very appealing way.

I hope you enjoy this weeks “See it Knit”. It’s not the same to do this without Hannah (she did all the wording and formatting, I just helped out finding projects), I hope you guys will be patient with me 😉 Hannah will be doing all the December posts 🙂

– Verónica

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