See it Knit – Loro Barranquero

The colorway might be named after a parrot, but you aren’t going to feel like a mimic wearing Loro Barranquero. With quick and interesting variegation from gold to pink to deep maroon, this yarn is sure to get you some attention. It stripes, pools, and knits up into all sorts of interesting textures, as you can see from the project pictures below. Prepare to get noticed!

Medici by Wooly Wormhead, knit by Sknitsbayoucity; Tuesday Evening by Hannah Ingalls, knit by Dpabaker; Scrunchable Scarf by Susan McConne, knit by 3tuxedocats; Zig Zaz Beanie by West Knits

— Hannah & Veronica

2 thoughts on “See it Knit – Loro Barranquero

  1. Veronica

    Hi Nathalie.
    If you click on the name of the project you’re interested in it will take you to the project details in Ravelry where you will hopefully find the information you need. I hope this helps.

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