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For a lot of knitters, Stonechat is one of the colors they pick up first. In the skein, it is all deep reds and tawny browns, and knit up these colors distribute themselves in interesting ways. The reds pop out from the dark and light brown background like cherries against chocolate. Named after the Stonechat, an industrious little bird in the thrush family, this yarn is anything but a small statement. See for yourself in the many beautiful knitted projects below. Stonechat is available in the Worsted, Lace, Chunky, Twist, Sock, and Silky bases.

Windows 2010 Cowl by Rosi Garmendia, knit by Turtlegirl76Herbivore by Stephen West, knit by ElsaLemonUlmus by Kristen Kapur, knit by Elvis Needs BoatsCharleston Fingerless Slouch Gloves by Kim Rutledge, crocheted by ChrochettyMama;

— Hannah & Veronica

6 thoughts on “See It Knit – Stonechat

  1. Rebecca

    I bought 10 skeins of the worsted over 2 years ago – before I could even knit – just because I simply fell in love with the colors. I held onto it until I learned to knit and have been doing so for almost one year now. I’m about 1/3 of the way through my first sweater, Mr. Greenjeans, and I cannot wait to be able to wear it when it’s done. This is by far one of my favorite colorways

  2. Pat Lattimore

    As Rebecca above did, I purchased a bag of Stonechat Worsted a couple of years ago after I saw a sample neck- at Imagiknit while on a trip to S.F. I’ve made a couple of small things but have been waiting for just the right project, and I’ve found a couple here. It makes a difference to be able to see a beautiful yarn knit up, so I thank you for these beautiful suggestions.

    Keep-’em coming!

  3. Cheryl

    i bought the sock yarn and didn’t realize I chose that color until it the package arrived. Was surprised, wasn’t my usual choice of color, Now it is my favorite of all the yarns ordered and am going to order more. It goes with more colors in my stash and can’t wait to decide which idea to start with, but I have to order more so I can make things for other family members. So excited!!!!!! The richness of the color, I keep thinking of shawl/scarfs and fingerless gloves and all the other things for my family gifts. Amazing color 🙂

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