Sheep Week Kickoff!

photo by Hannah Thiessen

photo by Hannah Thiessen

What are these sheep doing? Oh! They’re competing to be on SHEEP WEEK!

After going on a really enlightening trip to one of our biggest suppliers of merino in Paysandu, we thought it would be really fun to give you guys a knitter’s version of ‘Shark Week’! This week will be Sheep Week on the blog, culminating in a giveaway at the end! Updates every day — stay tuned to learn everything you can about the Malabrigo Sheep and the process of selection for your favorite wool!

Chau, Hannah

11 thoughts on “Sheep Week Kickoff!

  1. Tricia

    A giveaway? Is it a sheep?! I think we have room for a sheep if it stays out of my tomatoes, and Radar would love a “friend” to herd around the yard. It’s a deal!

  2. glokeroo

    I think one of those sheep would love a trip to NYC… take in the sights, a cruise around Manhattan… Too cute! I want a pet sheep!

  3. Sally

    I see this picture and imagine the sheep in the middle asking, “Does this photo make my butt look big?” 🙂

  4. Cassie

    This is such a beautiful picture… I can already imagine them in their beautiful dyed colors… even if they are moonlighting as some SFO sky.
    I want to hug them, each and every one of them!

  5. Pat Lattimore

    Hannah, what are we going to do when you return to the US? You’re teaching us so much about our favorite yarn, and I hope you continue to do so after your internship is over. If Antonio knows what’s good for him………

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