Sustainable Hot Water

At the factory, we’re doing our best to decrease our environmental footprint! Our most recent addition to the mill? A flat-plate thermal heating system has been installed at the mill. Using the power of the sun, we can heat our water tanks for the various processes to make your favorite yarns. The panels are being installed on the roof of the mill, as shown below.

Solar panel installation on the roof of our building!

Thermal plate installation on the roof of our building!

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Hot Water

  1. Sally

    Absolutely thrilled about this! Great for the environment and great for needing to pay less in utility bills. Hope it works splendidly for the company.

  2. Water System

    I found your resource via Google on Tuesday while searching for water system and your post regarding Sustainable Hot Water « malabrigo yarn looked very interesting to me. I just wanted to write to say that you have a great site and a wonderful resource for all to share.

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