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“How did you get the name ‘Malabrigo’?”

That’s a question we get a lot! “Mal abrigo” translates roughly to “bad shelter”, a curious name for a yarn company indeed.

The name comes in part from the village of Mal Abrigo in Uruguay. There are several towns of that name in South America (in other countries) but that was the one we had in mind. It is called that because it is extremely windy and back when people rode horses and needed to take shelter for the night, it was known for being a terrible place to stop.

The real Mal Abrigo (and some of ours! Angora, specifically.)

But we were also inspired by novelists like  Garcia Marquez, Juan Carlos Onetti, and William Faulkner, who set their novels in imaginary towns (Macondo, Santa Maria, and the towns in Yoknapatawpha County, respectively!) In our minds, Malabrigo is an imaginary and chilly place where the weather drives everyone inside to knit, and cozy wool sweaters, hats, and scarves are always useful!


We’ve been interviewed! Marcela Zappi visited the mill and interviewed Antonio.
“Nestled away in a warehouse 20 minutes outside downtown Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay,
I had the pleasure of visiting, this past April, the Malabrigo yarn manufacturing plant. The
creative design force is Mr. Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao. During my visit Antonio was very
gracious, granting me a couple of hours out of his busy schedule to chat and show me the plant
The plant is rather large. My tour began with a visit to the storeroom where bales of spun wool
yarn are kept on arrival from the spinning mills. There I had the opportunity of feeling the
natural, soft strands of Merino. Eventually, this will form several types of Malabrigo yarns…..”

To read all the review from Marcela Zappi go here!

Turner Color # 851

Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775 – 1851) is famous for his storm illustrations. He used to use these colors.

“Turner” color is a tribute to him and I love how the colors seem to be a texture.

The number of the color 851 is a funny coincidence.