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About the color name

When we had been in Cape Cod we saw the amazing landscape. One thing that particularly caught my attention, were the wooden walls and their gray. Then, Cape Cod Gray was born.

After the trip, I appreciate better Edward Hopper paintings, who has helped to perceive the cap.


Malabrigo Silky Voted “Best Yarn”

Silky in Indecita, photo by Hannah Thiessen

Silky in Indecita, photo by Hannah Thiessen

Bestcovery, the website that helps you discover “the best of everything”, recently announced their top picks for ‘Best Yarn’, and Malabrigo Silky was right at the top at #2! So why is Silky their favorite?

Why it’s a best pick:
This yarn is half silk and half baby merino wool, sold in 50 gram skeins.  It comes in a rainbow of colors, including solid and variegated colors.  The “Pradera” colorway is a beautiful blend of blues and greens that is reminiscent of an underwater scene or a cool garden.  The baby merino wool provides softness and warmth, while the silk provides a slight shimmer.  It is a beautiful single ply yarn that is perfect for shawls or elegant sweaters.  These colors vary significantly from one dye lot to another, so make sure that you buy enough for your project.”

words of Bestcovery.com writer, Bronwyn Harris

So grab a skein of Silky, if you haven’t already, and see what all the fuss is about!

Chau, Hannah