There is a group of knitters here in Uruguay, who have been gathering together every month for 3 years. They particularly like to work as a group to do charity knitting, finding different organizations to knit for, specially organizations that work for children. For over two years they have been providing their time, love and craft, and we provided some of the yarn. These pictures show the last delivery of knitted items for some of the kids “Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez” work with. Overall they delivered this time 40 hats and 40 cowls. In these almost 3 years over 200 children have been warmer and cozier and about 70 bags of malabrigo  have been  knitted thanks to the generosity of these women.

3 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. Beth

    This is fabulous! My husband lived in Uruguay for a couple of years when he was a young man, and he used to tell me how cold it would get there.
    Charity knitting is fun. These women were so fortunate to be able to work with the donated Malabrigo,as well, considering how wonderful it is to knit with. This was definitely a win- win situation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Elizabeth Hawthorne

    400 adorable children at Benjamin Franklin school in the outskirts of Montevideo would benefit from some knitted wear. Can you let the knitting group know about them?

  3. Veronica

    Hi Elizabeth!
    If you can send me more information about the school and if they have some sort of program to find warm wear for the children, I’d be delighted to pass the information on to the group. Thank you! Verónica
    you can write to

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