Video Tour Inside The Malabrigo Factory In Uruguay

In early August, 2012, Liat Gat from KNITFreedom, came to visit us at the mill. She stayed almost the whole day, talking to Antonio and taking pictures for a possible article in Interweave.


While she was here, she made this Video Tour inside the mill, showing some parts of the process to create our yarns and colors.

Visit her blog to take the tour, by clicking  here!


The Elusive Malabrigo Yarn Factory

Decorative Letter Iclimb up the rusted metal stairs again, carefully counting each floor as I pass. Where is this place?! The guy outside said it was on the third floor, but “Careful,” he told me, “every other floor doesn’t count.”

“You got that right,” I think, looking at the black, burnt-out holes in the brick wall on floor #3 1/2. I keep going up, and the steep stairs turn to rickety wood with no banister. My heart starts to pound a little. The stairs lead to a flat roof, and I walk out into the pale winter sun and look out at the foggy, industrial skyline. It’s definitely not here.

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2 thoughts on “Video Tour Inside The Malabrigo Factory In Uruguay

  1. Wanda Merrill

    Hola. Where can I buy your Malabrigo Yarn in Montevideo? I know where Manos del Uruguay store is but I haven’t been able to find any store that carries your yarn in the city.

    Wanda Merrill

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