Visit to the Mill and dyeing session

Last April 28th we received a visit at the mill by ladies that were traveling together for Behind the Scenes Adventures Knitter’s Argentina and Uruguay., with the pleasant trip leader Cynthia LeCount Samake.

When they arrived Luciana gave them the grand tour of the mill, showing them each work station, explaining the whole process which each skein goes through after arriving to the mill. They got to see the drying rooms, in which the heating is powered by solar panels on the roof. These solar panels also provide energy to warm the water used in the dyeing process.

paneles solares

Each lady dyed a skein of Malabrigo Yarn Sock and Mecha using the Box method, which is the one used to dye Selección Privada. Their dyeing coach was Flavia.

prepared colours
In preparation for this dyeing session, we had prepared dyes in some of our most popular colourways.
dye prepping
Line up the wool! It is dyeing time!

Choosing what colours to use, and thinking about what we want our end result to be is always so exciting! Creativity at its peak.

what if hard at work1 add dye1checking out the resultsThen, while they gave the yarn time to absorbe the dye, there was a coffee break with alfajorcitos de maizena, a really delicious Uruguayan treat.

Look at the results! Gorgeous colours, ladies!


After they checked out the results of their dying session it was time to hit the shelves and bags for some shopping! That’s when the things got really hectic 😉

mary jane going through the bags shopping Noone gets left behind

Stay tuned for our next post about the visit to La Serena and getting to know our sheep!

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