Visiting the malabrigo mill

Some weeks ago we had the visit of Joji, Andrea and Nash, and we spent a great time with the girls.


Then, to our surprise, Nash made a detailed podcast about their visit to the mill! We think that she describe the atmosphere of malabrigo so well!
So, we want to share with you this wonderful video of Nash!

Thanks Nash! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Visiting the malabrigo mill

  1. Laurel

    Nash is SO lucky !! I would LOVE to visit the Malabrigo mill ~

    And BTW, whatever happened to the caption contest for the two pictures of her and her friends at the mill? Was a winner ever selected?


  2. Nicole

    I will be in Uruguay in early March. Is it possible to visit the mill? I would be thrilled. I belong to a knitters group in Cambridge, MA. We meet at Minds Eye Yarns, a fantastic knitting store in our town.

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