Weekly Color Feature – Victoria Pidgeon

Victoria Crowned Pidgeon by Tori Mages on Flickr (click to find)

Feeling inspired? Try these Malabrigo colorways:

Rasta in Purple Mystery; Rios in Black, Ravelry Red; Silky in Natural; Worsted in Azul Bolita; Sock in Azules; Silky in Azul Azul, Celeste

— Hannah

One thought on “Weekly Color Feature – Victoria Pidgeon

  1. Jan Priddy

    I love Victoria Crown Pigeons and I love Malabrigo yarn. I just bought nine skeins to knit my husband a sweater. The colors are not subtle, but he’s a brave man.

    Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington used to have Victoria Crowns walking about loose. There were chickens and guinea hens and peafowl as well. Then a new policy got rid of them all. I have always thought that the ultimate wealth would involve Victoria Crown Pigeons wandering about on the lawn. That, and a room of yarn all neatly stashed in open bins. The entire line of Malabrigo would make it about perfect.

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